Color Star Technology’s Color World Platform Revolutionarily Connects Users and Celebrities in the Metaverse

Some of Color Star Technology’s biggest superstar partners.

While celebrities in the 21st-century may feel eerily familiar given their constant presence across social media and in popular culture, the average population’s odds of actually rubbing shoulders with one of their favorite athletes or singers in real life is near slim-to-none. As technological innovations begin to break down these built-in barriers, one up and coming platform launched by Color Star Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ:CSCW) is set to flip the script, uniquely merging real life users and out-of-this-world celebrity experiences through its innovative metaverse application, Color World.

Considering the platform’s partnerships with huge musicians like Machine Gun Kelly and Wiz Khalifa – who boast multi-billion song plays combined on streaming services – Color World users will soon be able to occupy the same virtual rooms as the music industry’s hottest stars of the moment when the application launches at the end of January. Whether sitting as an audience member for one of Color Star’s countless concerts and seeing singers like Ashanti perform their greatest hits in the metaverse, or seizing the stage and living out their dreams of pop stardom themselves, users are given the one-of-a-kind opportunity to make their wildest fantasies a reality with Color World.

“I want to give people the stage and the platform to let their dreams come true,” said Color Star’s CEO and artificial intelligence aficionado Lucas Capetian.

The Color World metaverse.

The built-in ecosystem of the Color World is poised to be just as vibrant as its star-studded partners; between a full-scale replica of Central Park, a bustling shopping mall where people can buy and sell virtual wares (including NFTs), and casual hang-out spots like coffee shops perfect for meetings featured throughout, a world of opportunity waits for users within the revolutionary application.

The sky is no longer the limit for users taking part in Color World’s game-changing platform – now, the global population can truly shoot for the stars upon Color World’s highly-anticipated launch at the end of January 2022.

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