College Teams Matter and are Important: Discover the Benefits of Goal Setting and Staying Connected with FreezeCrowd

Being part of a team in college can be a valuable and enriching experience that provides many benefits. It allows you to build connections with your teammates and coaches, develop teamwork skills, stay physically active, and even relieve stress. Being on a team can also be a great way to achieve personal growth, helping you develop essential life skills such as time management and leadership.

Whether you are a student-athlete or a team manager, being part of a team requires a significant commitment and can be challenging at times. However, the sense of community and camaraderie that comes with being on a team can be very rewarding and lead to lasting friendships.

As we embark on a new year, you may have a resolution, yet goal setting is essential for college students and student-athletes. It helps students focus on what they want to achieve and provides a roadmap to get there. When setting goals, it is important to be realistic and choose achievable and meaningful goals. Writing down your goals and revisiting them regularly can help you stay on track and progress towards your objectives.

For student-athletes, being part of a team can be a great way to work towards a common goal and achieve success together. However, it is also important for each team member to set their own personal goals and work towards them in addition to the team’s goals. By doing this, student-athletes can contribute to the team’s success and develop their skills and abilities. Whether you are on a varsity team, intramural team, or club sport, being part of a team is an experience that can make a difference and have a lasting impact on your college career.

One easily reachable goal is joining a community like FreezeCrowd, which can be an excellent way for college students and student-athletes to stay connected with their teammates and preserve their experiences together. By taking team photos and sharing them on FreezeCrowd, you can create a visual record of your time together and look back on your memories with pride.

FreezeCrowd is a social platform that allows college students and alumni to connect through photos and shared interests interactively. With FreezeCrowd, you can join college and alumni communities, participate in conversations through categorized photos, and keep your profile private and safe from outside search engines.

To get started with FreezeCrowd, simply join with your college email and upload a photo of yourself with your crowd. You can categorize the photo so others with similar interests can find you and then add it to the FreezeCrowd platform. From there, you can send speech bubbles to friends in the picture and join the conversation.

FreezeCrowd is free and can help you connect with friends, teammates, and others in your college or university community. Whether you are looking to share memories from a party, sporting event, friends on a team project, study group, or any other gathering, FreezeCrowd is a great way to stay connected and make new and lasting connections. For more information about FreezeCrowd or to sign up and get connected, visit

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