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Colin Stauber is a Southern California-based musician and indie artist. He is a creative professional and believes in making music, which can transform the lives of people around us.

“I believe music is a soul-searching experience. I want to bring qualitative change to the lives of listeners. It was because of music I got the opportunity to be featured on TV,” Colin Stauber stated. 

You can find Colin Stauber’s songs on almost all major music platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and others. Stauber has been able to work with plenty of respectable organizations like Ableton, Pioneer and Native Instruments. He’s currently residing in Los Angeles and records his own music at his studio based in Los Angeles.

Colin Stauber’s recent music reflects growth, healing, positivity and the universal energy that resides in one another.

“The music I make is to help people reflect and grow. I think music has a special place in our society for healing. Music has the power to bring us to better places mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually,” Colin Stauber comments on his music.

His Stauber Sessions has carved out its own place in California as an outfit of healing and personal growth in Los Angeles. 

Having featured on Music Times, Stauber’s background also entails composing music for Red Bull Media House, Red Bull TV and helping over 100 understudies graduate. 

Making a mark in the musical field, Colin Stauber’s songs are there in all top-ranking music channels including iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

Stauber released some memorable musical numbers this year which can go a long way in the recuperation of people who were devastated by the pandemic. These beautiful numbers are: Alright, Spirit, Part Of Me, Horizon, Backyard, Move On and Deep Breaths-under seven new themes.

These songs are dedicated to all those fighting battles against depression or despair. All these songs focus on healing, positivity and the universal energy in his songs.

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