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If you bought 1 bitcoin (BTC) in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic roiled the financial markets, you would certainly have more than doubled your cash by the end of July, when bitcoin’s value rose above $10,000. A few other cryptocurrency possessions like Ether (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) have actually additionally enjoyed favorable price expectations in recent weeks. Stock markets have also skyrocketed, however their efficiency pales in contrast to the very popular crypto assets.

With the ever-increasing demand for Bitcoin, federal governments around the world are also becoming more interested in enacting stricter policies and laws to identify Bitcoin customers when they purchase cryptocurrencies and thus prevent money laundering. Although such government procedures are applied in the most effective interest of securing individuals from cryptocurrency platforms, they could infringe more on individuals personal privacy by stopping anonymity in Bitcoin transactions.

Privacy (or personal privacy) can be of great importance to hackers or people involved in illegal business, as well as regular users or Bitcoin enthusiasts who like to invest in the popular currency. With increased anonymity, users will certainly not be restricted by policies or laws that hinder the use of cryptocurrency, because people will find another solution to evade the authorities.

How Bitcoin Mixer works

By properly masking your crypto deals, you can eliminate the traceability of your pseudonymous Bitcoin purchases and also transactions that are publicly visible in the blockchain, better protecting your privacy. Make your Bitcoin transactions untraceable and benefit again from a completely anonymous cryptocurrency that leaves no data about you.

In recent years, special crypto tools are becoming increasingly popular among Bitcoin lovers who want to make their pseudonymous Bitcoin purchase or payments over it untraceable in order to regain complete anonymity.

This method is commonly referred to as bitcoin tumbling, or bitcoin mixing.

For starters, a bitcoin mixer is usually an on the internet offered solution that helps the customer disguise their bitcoin payment traces on the internet.

These transactions are then not even traceable in the blockchain.

Mixed Bitcoin achieve anonymity by “combining” your coins with others and after that sending them back to the customer as a comparable, but not the same, collection of Bitcoin. Such processes result in a break in the transaction and prevent back traceability to your wallet.

How to mix your bitcoin securely and anonymously

Coinomize’s ever-growing popularity is most likely due to its reliable and easy-to-use bitcoin mixing platform, unlike several other mixers on the market. You can set your own privacy by deciding how much you want to pay and how long you want the mixing process to take. As a rule, the higher the fees and the more send time delay you choose, the higher your privacy.

Although Coinomize currently only supports the most effective cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, more currencies are planned early next year as well as many more crypto tools. So it is worth being a loyal customer of this site.

The website is available in 11 languages, making it very easy to use by all users worldwide. With the Coinomize Android app you can protect your Bitcoin transactions at any time from anywhere in the world.

You can find detailed instructions on how to mix bitcoin on their website in their blog section.

Coinomize is also one of the few mixers on the market that supports both TOR and Clear Web tumbling, offering tech-savvy individuals access to the mixing service via the anonymous TOR network. There is also no registration or account required to use their service and Coinomize is considered one of the most secure bitcoin tumblers currently on the market, placing the highest priority on customer privacy and thus not storing any user data unless it is absolutely necessary for the transaction.

The usage is likewise recommended that there are virtually no limits on deposits, making it very simple to mix large amounts.

Coinomize also offers a so-called Letter of Guarantee, which creates great confidence in its service, as every user can verify the accuracy of their transaction data and thus have a clear assurance that the real site is being used and not a fake one. Also this is considered as proof of payment.

It takes just some steps to achieve bitcoin privacy:

By simply using their website, it only takes about 2 minutes to complete a transaction and thus protect yourself from traceability. Once you send a payment to the deposit address, it will be displayed on the payment page within seconds. You will also see a breakdown of the fees and the settings you have made.

  1. Check if you are on the right website

Coinomize grants the user access to its mixing service through both the Clear Web and the anonymous TOR browser. Before depositing Bitcoin make sure the website address (https://coinomize.biz / https://coinomize.is / https://coinomize.co / http://coinomthajerbtq7.onion) is correct. There are 3 clear web domains available and a TOR browser URL.

However, using the official Android app downloaded from the above domains is also safe.

It has been reported online that users have been stolen from mixing sites, that is, they have sent Bitcoins but have not received any back, because they have visited a so-called phishing/clone website. Therefore, always check their domains carefully.

  1. Enter your Bitcoin addresses

Visit their “Start mixing” page and enter your destination (or recipient) bitcoin wallet address, this can be a SegWit or Legacy address.

After that, slide the slider of the transfer time delay as well as for the mixing fees (between 1% and 5%) to the right position.

Coinomize also offers a “Coinomize Code” that you can use for any further transaction and that prevents you from ever getting back the same coins from previous transactions.

  1. Send the desired amount to the mixer

After entering a few mandatory fields, users will be redirected to the next page where you can see a deposit address, as well as download the Letter of Guarantee. This is used, among other things, to contact support if you have any questions about your transaction. A minimum amount of 0.003 BTC is required to successfully complete the transaction. If you have sent too little, a message will be displayed on the status page and you can easily just send more coins to the same bitcoin address and the amount will simply be added up. Minimum amounts and different settings ensure that each transaction is unique and there is no way to trace these transactions back through the same user’s pattern.

  1. Wait for blockchain confirmation

Only one confirmation is needed in the blockchain to complete your transaction. This usually takes less than 20 minutes, depending on how fast the blockchain is. You can leave the mixing page at any time if you want, as you can always check your status via your order number and the link in the menu.

Coinomize offers 24/7 support to its customers through their chat system and is the only bitcoin tumbler that offers a mobile application.

If you want to learn more about this bitcoin laundry or also protect yourself from back tracking of your transactions please visit the page at the following link: https://coinomize.biz

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