Clickfunnels’ CPO Todd Dickerson on Building A Successful Business and Giving Back

The internet has changed the way we do everything. It’s a completely new world with digitized information, communication and marketing tools. Since the introduction of the internet, the world has become a virtual reality where everything can be done without the need to meet physically. Riding on the wave of the digital revolution is Todd Dickerson, a tech enthusiast and developer responsible for one of the most effective digital marketing platforms on the internet today.

Todd’s romance with digital marketing and leveraging the internet began several years ago thanks to his interest in computers, which introduced him to software and hardware engineering early on before making a switch to game programming and web design in middle school. Subsequently, he started a web design company in high school that he used as a work exit program for high school credit. He also landed many clients during that period until he realized he could do more than working for clients. From then on, his pursuit of owning a business began.

Before partnering up with one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, Russell Brunson, Todd rose to the rank of Senior Developer at multiple SaaS companies. Todd has been a serial entrepreneur for the last decade, having worked with multiple companies during his time as an SEO expert and web developer.

Today, Todd is the co-founder and CPO of ClickFunnels, a sales funnel builder to help entrepreneurs get their message out to the marketplace. He leads the company alongside Russell Brunson, and together they have successfully built what is considered one of the most important marketing and sales tools for entrepreneurs.

He has always been dedicated to bringing value to the world and its people. This core belief of creating value in customers’ lives has shaped Todd’s life, career, and character. Because of this, Todd has found success by creating ways for others to succeed. This dedication and commitment to people are what catapulted the company from nothing to over $100,000,000 in sales and 68,000 customers in just over three years from its launch in September of 2014. As of today, they have over 100,000 users on Clickfunnels and counting.

When asked about his journey as an entrepreneur, Todd considers himself a product of other people’s kindness and outreach. His wife, Ashley played an integral role in his journey and has led him to focus on creating solutions and helping others through entrepreneurship.

“I firmly believe that the only way real change happens is through entrepreneurship. I like to think I’m doing my job helping bring goodness to the world by helping other entrepreneurs and business owners bring their message, products, and services into the lives of others. Value creation is the only way that money comes to us sustainably.”

Todd gives back to society directly through the church and non-profit organizations such as Operation Underground Railroad. “Without the success of my business life, I would never have been able to contribute financially in the ways I have,” he concludes.

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