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Clenbuterol is arguably the most powerful fat burning agent in the world, with men and women using it to lose weight in rapid fashion. 

Athletes, bodybuilders and Hollywood celebrities have been known to take clenbuterol to improve athletic performance, burn fat and increase muscle definition when preparing for a movie role. 

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How Does Clenbuterol Work?

Clenbuterol works by inducing thermogenesis, causing lipolysis (fat loss) from an increase in body temperature. It does this by stimulating adrenaline output and thus heart rate. Consequently the metabolism becomes elevated, with users burning more calories than usual at rest. 

The body is programmed to keep a homeostasis, thus after detecting a rise in body temperature it tries to cool itself down via the process of sweating. After several weeks it achieves this, however before this point exceptional fat loss can be experienced by users. 

Clenbuterol reduces water retention, increases strength, energy levels and possibly muscle size; as well as burning fat. 

There is evidence to suggest that clenbuterol does have anabolic (muscle-building) effects, at least in research on horses. However, in humans, such effects are believed to be more mild, although potentially present. 

Thus, if a man or woman is taking clenbuterol on lower calories, there is a higher chance of them retaining muscle tissue (or adding a small amount), further improving body composition. 

Clenbuterol is often taken in short cycles (being as little as 2 weeks), yet it still produces exceptional results in users. 

Clenbuterol Results 

A person’s results on clenbuterol will depend on their genetics, dosage, cycle length, diet and workout routines. 

For example, someone eating in a calorie deficit and doing cardio 3x per week will burn more fat on clen than a sedentary person, eating maintenance calories. 

However, with all factors being equal — users can expect to burn noticeable amounts of fat, being 5+ pounds from a short 2 week cycle. Extended cycles may produce 10+lbs of fat loss. This may not seem like much weight, but it can have a dramatic impact when viewing your physique in the mirror. 

Muscle and strength gains are expected to be mild on clenbuterol, with AAS such as anavar or winstrol having stronger anabolism.

Here is a before and after picture of a Crazy Bulk customer who used their clenbuterol product for 5 weeks, experiencing rapid fat loss and improving his muscle tone (particularly in the abdominal region). 

Clenbuterol Side Effects 

Clenbuterol raises the heart rate and may cause heart arrhythmia in users who: take high dosages, perform extended cycles or are particularly sensitive to stimulants. 

If someone experiences anxiety or palpitations from tea or coffee, clenbuterol may not be for them, with it arousing the central nervous system substantially. 

Users can often experience insomnia and jitters (particularly shaking in the hands) whilst on-cycle, due to excess adrenaline. 

Such surges in adrenaline can also produce higher dopamine in the brain in the early stages of a cycle, giving users a greater sense of well-being. However, as cycles prolong, users can experience a crash, similar to a caffeine slump; increasing irritability and depression. 

Neurotransmitters will regulate post-cycle, with such side effects only being temporary. 

Clenbuterol will not greatly affect hormone levels, such as testosterone or estrogen, thus users do not need to worry about endogenous production being affected or gynecomastia occurring. 

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Where to Buy Clenbuterol?

Bodybuilders often buy clenbuterol on the black market, being a quick and convenient method. However, this is also risky with many counterfeit products being sold and formulas being diluted with placebos. 

Although tests can be done to detect certain substances, few tests can be done to observe the exact purity. 

Thus, we advise seeking clenbuterol for sale online, from an authorized company that manufactures a legal and well established formula.  

Crazy Bulk has done just that, creating a legal supplement (known as clenbutrol), that mimics the thermogenic and fat burning effects of clenbuterol; but without the side effects. 

Thus, not only is Crazy Bulk’s clenbutrol a more convenient and safer alternative to buying clenbuterol on the black market, but it also comes with a money back guarantee and will not cause any adverse cardiac effects. 

Clenbutrol’s ingredients are also FDA approved, giving users peace of mind over their health, which doesn’t need to be jeopardized in order to see optimal fat loss results. 

Clenbutrol can be stacked with other Crazy Bulk cutting agents, such as: anvarol (anavar), winsol (winstrol) and Testo-Max (sustanon 250). Or if a person wants to build notable amounts of muscle, whilst simultaneously burning fat — they may opt to combine it with bulking agents, such as: d-bal (dianabol), trenorol (trenbolone), anadrole (anadrol) or decaduro (deca durabolin). 

How to Take Clenbuterol

It’s important to find legit clenbuterol for sale, but it’s just as important to take it correctly and combine it with an effective diet plan. 

Clenbuterol is often taken for 30 days (and as little as 2 weeks). 

A starting dose of 20mcg is often taken, with it increasing every 3 days, until a maximum dose of 110mcg is achieved after 30 days. 

Increasing the dose incrementally like this helps to reduce the chance of the body adapting to the compound and plateauing before the 30 days. 

Plenty of water should also be consumed to prevent dehydration from increased sweating. 

High intensity interval training may also be performed 3-4x per week, lasting 20 minutes for maximum fat loss. 

Crazy Bulk’s Clenbutrol is to be taken 45 minutes prior to a workout, being 3 capsules with water. With or without food will not greatly affect absorption. On non-workout days, it may be taken approximately 24 hours after the last dose. 

Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk doesn’t need to be cycled on and off, as it doesn’t cause harsh side effects like clenbuterol. If stacked with other legal steroid alternatives, they too will not compromise a person’s health or shut down testosterone like anabolic-androgenic steroids can. 

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