‘Clear Her Name’ Film Adaptation In the Works

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Social justice book Clear Her Name is getting a movie adaptation by Anelia Sutton will resonate similarly to Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us and and ABC legal drama For Life created by Hank Steinberg and produced by Curtis ‘50Cent’ Jackson. Based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., a man wrongly convicted then exonerated after proving his own innocence.

Clear Her Name was published in 2021 via IRON Sharpens IRON Council and follows Anne, a mother searching for answers then journeys into legal research to save her daughter. The description for the book reads:  When Anne’s daughter went in for a routine dental procedure to have her wisdom teeth removed, what happened next was a nightmare that lasted for over eight years. It changed the course of their lives forever whe the young woman suffered from Rx side effects and becomes uncharacteristically violent then arrested for attempted murder. It will shock you but also raise awareness about the machinery behind the legal system while under the influence of prescription drugs.

Persecuted by her own attorney, state doctors, and a blood thirsty prosecutor, the young woman is painted as a monster who should be imprisoned, then forced to take medications, and denied to be a mother for over eight years.  Witnessing this corruption and breakdown of the system firsthand, Anne sets out to uncover the truth through legal research in an attempt to free her daughter trapped between the crosshairs of two powerful entities – the justice and mental health systems. Success would mean bringing the lies used to railroad and condemn her daughter to the public eye, clearing her daughter’s name, and perhaps changing the justice system forever. Failure would result in a certain prosecutor and public offender continuing their reign of terror on her daughter and other families. For Anne, the latter was not an option.

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Anelia Carmila Sutton wrote Clear Her Name under pen name Anne Smith, is an American writer born in the Republic of Panama, and bestselling co-author Performance 360 with Richard Branson.

Sutton was featured in over 240 media outlets and web portals including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, Huffington Post and Forbes. She is a U.S. Navy veteran with an Honorable Discharge, and received many medals and awards including America’s Premier Experts Award.

 For updates please visit https://clearhername.com and https://ironsharpensironcouncil.com

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