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Adults have been using aligners for more than one decade now before doctors recently began to recommend them for teenagers. As a matter of fact, clear aligners for teens from ALIGNERCO can help to straighten the teeth of your 12-year old kids. This is to show how effective and safe they are. Clear aligners have been designed in a way that would shift both you and your teen’s teeth into that straighter smile that you love.

A majority of teens today are not usually comfortable with wearing dental braces, most especially when they are around their schoolmates and classmates. They tend to be more self-conscious when they are around their peers, and they are not always proud to show their teeth. Well, these problems have already been solved with clear aligners, making it a blessing for teens around the world.

In this article, we will discuss how clear aligners is an alternative to braces and how it helps teens feel less self-conscious in an already challenging period during high school and starting college. We will still talk about the various benefits of clear aligners. So, if you are a parent looking for an easy alternative to helping straighten your teens’ teeth, this article is for you.

What are Clear Aligners?

Aligners are thin, custom-made plastic trays or coverings that snugly fit over the teeth. They have been designed to look aesthetically pleasing and to aid healthy alignment. Just by clicking the website that we will provide below this article, clear aligners will be delivered right to your doorstep.

The effects are not immediate; just follow the instructions and allow your teeth to gradually shift into their perfect shape. Then, you can proudly give people your gorgeous smile.

Why Choose Clear Aligners?

Today, there is a large variety of orthodontic treatments available. But, clear aligners make the list of the best, easiest, and inexpensive alternatives. And if you are a teenager or you have a teenager, you just have to contact ALIGNERCO to order their affordable invisible/clear aligners.

You can easily identify aligners in two different ways. One, they are clear/invisible. This means that people will not easily detect that you are putting on something. Two, they can easily be removed when you want to eat or drink, and you can also remove the aligners to brush and floss your teeth.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners and how they Differ from Metal Braces

Many teenagers have chosen to make use of metal braces to straighten their teeth, even today. Clear aligners today are specifically designed for teens, but adults are also using them. Now, a majority of teenagers have diverted from metal braces to clear aligners, and they are really enjoying it because of its appearance and effective it is.

You are required to wear your aligners throughout the day and also at night, apart from when you want to eat or drink something that isn’t water. They are designed in a way that you can remove them when necessary, like during meals. Additionally, no one would be able to easily know that you are wearing something for your teeth. This is one of the major things that distinguish aligners from braces.

Another benefit of choosing clear aligners is that it makes it easier for you to clean your teeth compared to traditional braces. Because you can remove them, it is possible for you to floss and brush your entire mouth as you would have done normally. But, these would not be possible with braces, and this means that some parts of your mouth/teeth will be left unwashed, which is not hygienic in any way.

Braces have metal parts that make the cheeks of some people suffer irritation. But, aligners are made with plastic that cannot or rarely cause such kind of irritation. Another advantage is that you will not be extremely watchful with food because you can just take the aligners out when it is time to it. Also, you will not be visiting the dental office to help you fix or correct a protruding wire or broken bracket.

Why you need clear Aligners

Aligners were originally marketed to adults as braces, but with time, an improvement was made that saw the manufacturers sell products to the younger ones that cared much about their appearance.

This trend is driven by consumer demand and is also energized by the social media culture in which teenagers continue to feel that people define them by their appearance. Another factor that has also played a huge part is the DTC advertising and technology that allows for customization.

At the initial arrival of clear aligners, orthodontists were cynical due to the technology’s novelty. But, according to Dr. Waldman Alexander, who is an orthodontist in LA, clear aligners are now seen as being mostly equivalent and sometimes superior.

Just as you have seen in the article, clear aligners have plenty of benefits, including the following:

  • Invisibility
  • Less pain
  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Removability

According to Dr. Moskowitz Elliott, a professor in orthodontics at the NYC University (College of Dentistry), no teenager today wants to use braces. They see metal braces to be awkward.

Get your Clear Aligners Today

If you are a teen and you are looking for how to get your smile to perfection, visit www.alignerco.com today to get your clear aligners for teens as an alternative to metal braces. You will be thrilled at the results. They also save you from the hassle of going to get them because they will deliver the product directly to you. The clear aligners for teens are completely inexpensive. Work your way to a bright and beautiful smile today by clicking the website above to make your order!

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