Thank you to L.A. Weekly and advocates like Dennis Hathaway for raising awareness about the billboard-blight issue [“Digital Billboards Become a Bohemian Blasphemy,” by Christine Pelisek, Nov. 19]. What troubles me the most is the lack of accountability and transparency when the City Council considers these issues, such as in 2006, when they approved the settlement agreement with the billboard companies with little public discussion or disclosure. On March 3, the people of Los Angeles have an excellent opportunity to prevent the continued mismanagement of our city: Vote for a change in the City Council election and bring into office individuals who actually represent the will of the people!

Gary Slossberg, L.A.

Daniel Heimpel is correct in observing [in “City of Los Angeles vs. All Persons,” Dec. 12] that many folks are leaving (or wishing that they could leave) L.A. Two of our neighbors have moved to smaller cities nearby for the schools alone. Others leave to avoid the business tax. Others get fed up with the reality that residential concerns and quality-of-life issues get drowned out in the mad rush to approve large building projects without a proper assessment of their impacts (or the ability of the city’s infrastructure to support them). Yes, people are frustrated. Yes, people are leaving. (Most people don’t enjoy fighting with their city, suing to be heard and watching special-interest influence shape public policy.) Perhaps we can interest Burt Bacharach in updating his song, “Do You Know the Way to San Jose.” Can you hear the chorus on “Do You Know the Way FROM old L.A.?”

Posted by Barbara Broide, L.A.


As a parent who miraculously has convinced his junior high school son to ride his bike to school (three miles each way), I am aghast that L.A. City requires licenses for bicycles! [“Ticket to Ride,” by Devin Browne, Dec. 19] What a waste of people’s time — for the riders, and the poor, already overworked government employees who must create the paperwork and enforce this absurd law. The city ought to be paying bike riders for keeping themselves in better shape, reducing the congestion on our roadways, reducing the wear and tear on our roadways, and keeping our air clean.

Posted by Todd Allan, Pasadena


Bravo to Patrick Range McDonald for his wonderful article on public access [“Shutting Up the Little Guy: AT&T and L.A. City Hall Quietly Lead a National Push to Force Public Access Off the Air,” Dec. 12]. My show, The Stanley Dyrector Show, has been on public access for 15 years. Now, sadly, not only my show, but many other shows that have much worth may very well be tossed aside like so much refuse. Shame!

Posted by Stanley Dyrector, L.A.

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