City Babies GBH are Back in LA: Birmingham, UK, street punks GBH (originally called Changed GBH) released one of the genre’s great albums in 1982’s City Baby Attacked by Rats. “Time Bomb,” “Sick Boy,” “Boston Babies” — all are bonafide punk greats. But it’s not like they ever slowed down; 2017’s Momentum is a great record too. The Chisel and Niis also perform. 

“Momentum was recorded at Muther’s Studio in GBH’s hometown of Birmingham, England,” read a press release when it came out. Vocalist Colin Abrahall said: “We laid down all kinds of takes on the songs which made the mixing interesting as we’d send it all off to Michael (Rosen – Engineer) and him and Lars (Fredericksen – Rancid) would send back tracks. You’d think something was maybe a glitch or whatever and it’d come back and we’d listen and think ‘that’s f*cking amazing’!”

GBH formed in 1978 in Birmingham, England. The band have released 11 albums, including City Baby Attacked By Rats (1982, Clay), City Babys Revenge (1982, Clay), Midnight Madness and Beyond (1986, Rough Justice), No Need To Panic (1987, Rough Justice), A Fridge Too Far (1989, Rough Justice), From Here To Reality (1990, Rough Justice), Church of the Truly Warped (1992, Rough Justice), Punk Junkies (1996, We Bite), Ha Ha (2002, Go Kart), Cruel and Unusual (2004, Idol), Perfume and Piss (2010, Hellcat).”

City Babies GBH are Back in LA: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31 at the Fonda.

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