Cinnannoe On Expressing Herself Through Cosplay ‘Be Consistent, Be You’

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Cinnannoe (real name Noemie) is a costume designer, costume maker, cosplayer, social influencer and video game streamer.

Born in Los Angeles, has always been fond of anime. Her love for anime led to her fame, which started in 2021 through the social platform Tiktok.

Her second TikTok video she created, which featured a fun and useful hair hack, propelled her to fame. With 18.2 million views, the video made Cinnannoe one of the rising stars on TikTok during that time.

Fast forward to 2022, Cinnannoes TikTok videos have millions of views, with the most popular having 38.3 million.

Cinnannoes fame also extends to other social media platforms. As of writing, she has 440K followers on Instagram, 314.5K on Twitter, and 31K on Twitch.

When asked why she joined the industry, Cinnannoe said, “ It surprisingly came to me naturally. Specifically, it came by expressing my fascination for drawings, clothes, cosplay, and makeup.”

Over time, Cinnannoes fascination turned into a hobby. This fun hobby then turned into work.

Thanks to this, Cinnannoe gets to work with big brands and collaborate with other world-renowned social media influencers. She also works with many artists, photographers, and agencies.

Just like many social media influencers, Cinnannoe did not have an easy start. She did not just wake up one day and had millions of followers.

It was a journey— one filled with passion, perseverance, and hard work.

People fondly see her as a beautiful, glamorous, young lady. But behind the scenes, Cinnannoe works just as hard as everyone else, if not more.

She also faced a lot of challenges to get where she is now. From staying up for hours on end creating costumes to seeing snide comments, Cinnannoe overcame it all.

Trying to stay on it everyday was a big challenge. There were times when I just wanted to quit social media. Being critical of what I used to create was a challenge as well,” Cinnannoe recalled.

But then I realized that I shouldnt give up. I wanted to create a positive space for everyone, so I persevered,” she continued.

Her fans were so thankful she did. For them, Cinnannoe is a breath of fresh air. She brings them excitement, joy, and a lot of fun.

With millions of fans watching her stream, browsing her videos, and liking her pictures on a regular basis, Cinnannoe truly deserves everything she has now.

She is a fine young woman who continues to break stereotypes by expressing herself for who she really is. Plus, she does all of it unapologetically.

In this sense, Cinnannoe is an embodiment of a strong, independent woman. For this, she deserves to be applauded a ton of times.

When asked what her secret is, Cinnannoe said, Be consistent. Be you. Try to get ahead of trends, be creative, and set yourself apart.”

Thats what Cinnannoe is exactly doing now, and we— especially her fans— couldnt be happier about it.

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