Cinematographer Fraser Rigg Talks About “The Batman” and “Gangs of London”

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Fraser Rigg is an established cinematographer with years of experience in film and TV. Studying under the tutelage of both BAFTA and Oscar-nominated and winning cinematographers Greig Fraser and Bradford Young, he has gone on to work on some of the most significant projects worldwide. This article will dive deep into Fraser Rigg’s expertise, specifically his involvement in The Batman and Gangs of London.

Fraser Rigg’s career highlights include shooting the insert unit on the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. In the film, he faced a challenging moment in the last shot of the film’s schedule. He had 30 minutes to shoot a complicated shot that involved stunts, wires, and a techno crane. He remembers how he felt a deep focus kicking in and hearing his heart thumping in his ears. After Robert moved differently than the stuntman he had rehearsed with all day, the shot was finally over. Fraser also worked on Gangs of London, where he was tasked with shooting 2nd unit on Season 2.

Fraser worked with director Alejandro G. Iñárritu in his new film, Bardo, which promises to be a cinematic masterpiece. Jenn Nkiru’s Untitled project was another highlight in Fraser’s career, he says “working with Jenn was a truly transformative experience” the project releases in 2023. Another memorable moment was when he shot British pop band MUSE’s music video VERONA.

Fraser won the Best Cinematography award at the Overcome Film Festival 21 for his short film, VEST. The festival is known for celebrating filmmakers whose work focuses on inspiring and creating a positive change in the world. Fraser’s short film was no exception, as it tackled the theme of overcoming challenges and demonstrated how perseverance could pay off.

Fraser is also the creative director of TRIBE7, Bradford Young’s film technology company. The company is currently developing its new BLACKWING7 lens program, creating a buzz in the film industry.

To wrap up, Fraser has worked on some of the biggest films and TV shows of recent times. He has come a long way since his days as a runner and has proven to be a skilled and knowledgeable cinematographer. His experience and exposure to the industry best have contributed significantly to his career, and it is clear that his career is on an upward trajectory. Fraser’s work on The Batman and the new series, Gangs of London, highlights his knowledge of filmmaking and shows that his work will soon be on the big screen. The world is wide open to Fraser, a British and EU passport holder.

We look forward to what he has in store for the future.

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