Chrys Phillips Already Knows What Viewers Want to Watch Next

The next season of TV and film has one name, Chrys Phillips.

Sitting down to talk with Phillips, a female who has arguably shaped and changed the landscape of TV and film forever for women and those alike, it’s understandable why she’s being hailed as a hitmaker and our answer to better and more entertaining programming.

A prolific writer turned highly regarded and successful Director, Phillips’s ingenuity to know when a story is compelling and has the key ingredients to become a primetime hit is unmatchable and proves so in the content she has delivered which have received desirable viewership and multiple awards and recognition, across her various TV series and movies she’s spearheaded from the Director’s chair. On what makes a story commercial and that audiences will love Phillips said “When there’s a great script that can tell a story with authentic voices for each of its characters and also take you into a world and/or situation that you don’t normally experience then it has established a foundation of entertainment and a desire to keep watching. It must always be commercial by resonating with its audience and to allow them to feel a part of what is on their screen.”

Now she’s getting ready to release the highly anticipated first season of The Secret That Binds Us, a twisted drama and thriller. The Secret That Binds Us follows a group of four friends who hold a dark secret after witnessing a murder at summer camp when they were seven. Now their oath to keep it a secret is rushing to the surface and unraveling in ways that no one can predict or outrun. The town of Willow Falls is about to be turned on its axis, when Vaun and his friends begin exploring the haunting case further and unearthing secrets beyond the one they keep and skeletons buried deep beneath their parents and towns past.

Starring Jake Kelley (HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones), Mikaela Phillips (Counter Play, Madison and the Happiness Jar), Adrienne Janic (Overhaulin’), Cathy Podewell (Dallas, Beverly Hills 90210) and Thaao Penghlis (NBC/Peacock’s Days of our Lives, Mission Impossible). She also stepped back into the role of creator on this one and is the brainchild behind this new drama.

On finding success with her shows, Phillips owes it to her storyteller instincts of knowing what people want to watch, before they know it themselves “the reason my work and stories continue to find homes and audiences, is because I know what people want to see. It’s become evident that people are wanting to watch stories that not only entertain them but evoke some type of truth, escapism and relatability to the people on their screen. Making sure to reflect that in a way that’s current and fresh with a new spin instead of tiresome cliches, is what it’s about.”

As an innovative figure in today’s entertainment industry, Phillips has not only proven herself as a female within this field, carving out space for more female representation in key power and creative positions, she has also extended that opportunity and made use of her position of power to create further opportunities for underrepresented, diverse and new talent, behind and in front of the camera. “I’m a firm believer of working with talent that fits the truth of the story and this is why I always look for the “talent” in giving someone that break, that in most productions is not given. Diversity brings forth a true story and giving actors/crew their first break is something I always endeavor.”

In late 2022, Phillips partnered with Executive Producer Bastiano Farran Ferrari for the upcoming book-to-screen adaption of her NY times best-selling, trilogy fantasy novel Magic Wars Saga. The loyal following and global fanbase of fans behind the books, is bound to ensure a screen franchise success especially when matched with Hollywood A-listers stepping into roles, portraying some of the beloved characters. Currently in the early stages of development and pre-production, this visionary and powerhouse Chrys Phillips is set to direct the first installment in the saga Wicked Love.

The powerhouse director has big plans for her upcoming slate, “Looking at the trajectory of projects ahead, I’m passionate about creating and bringing these stories to life. My ambition is to continue telling stories that evokes emotion and some form of message that inspires the audience within their own life and day to day routine.”

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