Chris St. John on His Versatile Approach to Music

Multi-talented singer and songwriter Chris St. John continues to capture the hearts of listeners not only through his profound love for music but also with his exceptional lyrics and smooth voice, paving the way for his versatility and ability to adapt to a variety of musical genres.

As a testament to Chris’ unmatched talent, his first album, I’m Dreaming, has earned critical acclaim and worldwide success during its release in 2021. The album featured four chart-topping tracks, including “I Called You Rose,” which reached No. 3 on the World Indie Music Charts and the Euro Indie Music Network.

Following the success of his first album, Chris dedicated his time working with legendary producer Stephen Wrench and some of the finest session musicians in Music City to record his upcoming album Fly Away. Chris’s life experiences are deeply incorporated into his music and can be felt throughout the album. Fly Away is unmistakably Chris St. John, displaying the charisma and uniqueness he has been praised throughout his career.

In fact, during the album’s production, he released the song “Hey Siri,” which quickly hit No. 1 on both World Indie Music Charts and Euro Indie Music Network and remained there for five weeks. The aforementioned track encapsulates a playful and lively, rolling African groove. This clever and thought-provoking song focuses on the drawbacks of modern technology.

Apart from “Hey Siri,” the album showcases a total of 13 tracks with varying genres. This makes Chris’ music difficult to categorize in a particular genre because of his versatility. His tenor voice has a wide range and clarity, and the varied vocal stylings throughout the CD make it difficult to believe he’s the same person singing throughout the album. He can switch up from velvety and clear for the ballads to emotional and rocking on up-tempo songs.

Furthermore, the album’s title track, “Fly Away”, is a soulful and powerful song about the birth of his son, John, and the times Chris spent with him from childhood to his recent graduation from high school. Heartfelt and poetic, it is a song that parents whose children have left the nest can relate to.

In “My Sunrise,” Chris turns the romance up a notch and sings about how his wife of many years is his muse and shining light. Romance is also the theme of the song “I Still Love You,” where he reminisces about their long life together and all their experiences together, starting with nothing and persevering through the love they have for each other.

In contrast, “Missing You” is a song full of regret, where Chris laments for the life he had before. “Me and You” is a song full of goodbyes, while “Nothing Left to Say” is a melancholic song reminiscing about a love long gone. With every song, Chris delivers a heartfelt performance that lets the listeners in on the situation and the emotions he experiences.

“My favorite professor told our class how we can lose our money, property, and liberty, but that no one can take away the things we learn,” Chris St. John shared. “I feel that way about music. What we create today lives on well beyond our time on earth.”

Chris St. John has undoubtedly established himself as one of the musical artists that the industry should keep an eye on. With his charisma and distinctive voice, Chris St. John is set on taking over the music world.

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