Chris Choi Pioneers Business Education on Social Media

Social media’s rise in the past decade is truly remarkable. The sheer degree of influence it has on society is both intimidating and surprisingly useful. Think about it– a single post can reach upwards of a million people instantly. Positivity, news, and education can all be shared quickly, seamlessly, and in a trendy way. Idols such as Chris Choi, a multi-millionaire business mogul, are using this power to teach others how to live better lives. With 1.4 million followers on his TikTok page alongside another 245,000 on Instagram, his influence on the youth is undeniable. What does Chris Choi do, though? Well, Choi’s long journey into the world of business has allowed him the knowledge to coach others on how to set themselves financially free.

Born July 31st, 1991 in South Korea, Chris Choi has always been a bright individual. After graduating with an impressive double major in Psychology and Human Biology, Choi was determined to be a dentist. However, after entering dental school, he decided that this was not the life he envisioned for himself. As such, he made a bold move– to drop out and pursue his own financial freedom. With $8,000 to his name, Choi sub-rented a small, one-bedroom apartment through Airbnb for a tiny profit; little did he know this would change his life for the best. Now, at 30 years old, Chris Choi has over one hundred properties across seven major cities, and the millions are absolutely rolling in. His leap of faith took him straight to the top, and now he’s turning around to lift up others who also wish to break the 9-to-5 lifestyle.

Now projected to hit the 10-million-dollar revenue mark by the end of 2022, Chris Choi certainly has the skills necessary to instruct others on his craft. He mentors 10-15 dedicated mentees monthly; these are driven, dedicated individuals that Choi has hand-selected to teach his ways to financial freedom. To date, he has mentored over 1000 people with hopes of having over 100 of them become self-made millionaires by the end of this year.  Something that Choi heavily emphasizes in his teachings is the power of mentorship. Choi tells us that “a shortcut to any form of success in life is [finding] a mentor in that field who has already achieved that success.” He  highlights that “mentors can give you guidance and strategies that can help you avoid making those critical mistakes that they themselves made before.” With this strategy, surely anyone can become as successful as Chris Choi; with an experienced mentor, determination, and consistency, anyone can learn to set themselves financially free.

When he isn’t dealing with the massive responsibilities of running his businesses, Chris Choi can be found working on himself as a person. He enjoys driving around the city, reading inquisitive novels, working out, traveling the world, and, of course, brainstorming revolutionary ideas for profitable business ventures. Accordingly, Choi tells us that he himself has “mentors in almost every aspect of [his] life… a business mentor, health mentor, relationship mentor, and [spiritual] mentor.” Choi’s outlook on life is one of productive learning by utilizing the world and the people around us. He lives to teach society that the greatest resource is not money, or power, or luck, but other people. The connections we make and the bridges we burn between each other are the greatest factor in our success, and Chris Choi wishes to instill this lesson within his followers to create a more positive world for tomorrow.

To learn more about Chris Choi and his path to prosperity, follow him on his Tik Tok or Instagram.

LA Weekly