By Andra Lim

Police chased a motorcyclist for 100 miles until he ran out of gas in northern San Diego County and began making out with his passenger on Sunday afternoon.

It started when the California Highway Patrol tried to pull over the bike on I-5 in the San Fernando Valley, because the motorcyclist was speeding and his female passenger wasn't wearing a helmet.

But the motorcyclist hit the gas, and took the freeways past LAX, Long Beach, and the span of Orange County. The ending was perhaps the most bizarre part of all.

The chase, which lasted over an hour, ended by Camp Pendleton on I-5. By that time, three CHP units and a helicopter were involved in the chase, and shut down several lanes of the freeway.

Ignoring police commands, identified by authorities as 48-year-old Gabriel Barajas and his passenger, 49-year-old Stacey Veronica, disembarked from the bike and began to kiss.

“I know, it's hard not to laugh,” said Jim Bettencourt, spokesperson for Oceanside-area CHP.

Joking aside, officers worried that the public displays of affection, which went on for a couple of minutes, might be the prelude to a double suicide, Bettencourt said.

Officers also backed away when the pair, who are from Sylmar, reached into their pockets as though they were taking out weapons, Bettencourt said.

No weapons were drawn, and police eventually took Barajas and Veronica into custody.

They have both been charged with resisting arrest, and Barajas has also been charged with evading police. Both charges are punishable by one year in county jail or up to a $1,000 fine.

Looks bad, compared to a speeding ticket of a couple hundred dollars and a marked-up driving record.

LA Weekly