Chewing Your Cannabidiol — The Latest Details On CBD Chewing Gum

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Chewing minty fresh gum is refreshing on its own, but what if you added CBD to the mix? Yes, there are already hemp vendors that offer CBD-infused sticks of gum. According to manufacturers, CBD gum offers many impressive benefits to customers who want a discreet way to microdose CBD. Some people even claim CBD gum has one of the highest absorption rates for a hemp-derived edible.

Although hemp-infused gum is new, plenty of customers are curious about giving CBD gum a try. If you’re in the mood to add CBD to your next gum break, you should consider the latest details on this product line.

Chomping On Cannabidiol — How Does CBD Gum Work?

Most CBD gum companies claim their products deliver CBD directly to your tongue’s sublingual glands. As the CBD gets released, it circulates in your saliva and gets absorbed under the tongue. This is the same theory behind taking CBD oils and tinctures sublingually for enhanced absorption.

While our sublingual glands can absorb compounds into the bloodstream, there’s not a ton of data that suggests CBD gum is any better or worse than other products. There are also concerns that CBD’s fat-solubility may make it challenging to release even after chewing gum for hours.

To address this issue, many CBD gum manufacturers are experimenting with “nano CBD.” These smaller CBD molecules are supposedly easier for the body to absorb. However, there are many unanswered questions on nanotech CBD molecules, especially in a niche product category like CBD gum.

Keep in mind that most CBD gum manufacturers openly claim their products are best suited for “microdosing.” There’s also growing evidence that whatever CBD gets released from CBD gum sticks can go from the sublingual glands into the bloodstream. So, there’s a good chance people who use CBD gum will feel subtle stress-relieving effects that may be best for daytime use.

Who Would Want To Try CBD Gum?

As we already mentioned, CBD gum is typically a good choice for microdosers who want to experience mild effects of CBD. Even though the CBD in a stick of gum will go into your sublingual glands, it’s not as direct as taking a CBD tincture. Instead, the CBD in your gum will get released over a few minutes, and the total dosage is often lower than what you’d take in a sublingual CBD oil or a vape pod.

Therefore, CBD gum tends to produce similar effects to a CBD gummy. Also like CBD edibles, CBD gum is easy to hide “in plain sight.” These factors make CBD gum an attractive option for people who want to remain productive and conceal their CBD habit from others. Unsurprisingly, many people who use CBD gum are employees who want to experience CBD’s mood-boosting effects without disrupting their schedule.

Learn How To Test CBD Products On Real Tested CBD

CBD gum may be a novel product line, but customers should use the same screening standards to check the quality of these items. Most importantly, you need to ask for third-party lab tests before ordering a box of CBD gum. Transparent Certificates of Analysis will always clue you in on how trustworthy a CBD company is.

If you’ve never reviewed a CBD lab report before, Real Tested CBD has got you covered. You’ll find dozens of unbiased CBD and delta-8 reviews on our website with published lab tests. After reading through a few of these test results, you should have a good feel for assessing a CBD product’s quality.

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