Cheers to PRIVÉ: The First Community-Owned Spirits Brand in the World

The NFT industry has recently seen a host of innovative ideas and concepts being launched through individual projects. While all of them seem promising, only a few have managed to survive in this competitive space, and even fewer have grabbed the spotlight. The main reason behind the failure of these projects is the lack of transparency and innovation. This is where PRIVÉ is making a change with a unique concept that will never go out of style.

PRIVÉ is a new global digital community that combines both the digital and physical world. It is an elite private membership club of entrepreneurs, investors, tastemakers, creators, and connoisseurs who love privacy and the finer things in life. PRIVÉ as a social club is associated with PRIVÉ Réserve champagne, a fine brut champagne specially handcrafted in Avize, France. It has been chosen as the official champagne of the Michelin awards. This makes PRIVÉ the first community-owned spirit brand in the world.

Damon Nam is the founder of PRIVÉ. He is a tech and blockchain expert with over 23 years of experience. He is a former Microsoft executive and has been researching the prospects of NFTs and the blockchain over the last 6 years as a founder of Coin and advisor to HODLVERSE. He noticed a gap in the industry where most projects fail to live up to the expectations they create and thus fade away. Transparency is another challenge in the NFT space that has led to the failure of many projects. PRIVÉ community membership is an exclusive NFT that has been specifically designed to always be in the limelight, and the business model can never be replicated.

PRIVÉ NFT ownership includes membership of PRIVÉ SOCIÉTÉ, which is limited to 10K members globally. The members will receive bottles of PRIVÉ RESERVE champagne annually, invitations to events like parties and private tastings, and access to an ever-increasing list of VIP benefits. Special edition bottles of PRIVÉ Réserve will feature art that is directly sourced from the PRIVE community. This again makes PRIVE the first spirit brand in the world that is powered by a global community of members.

Through this NF project, PRIVÉ is leveraging blockchain technology to start membership authentication. PRIVÉ will also use blockchain to track the champagne bottles during the supply chain process. Unlike those NFT projects solely focused on static art, PRIVÉ is merging real and virtual worlds for its members by curating real-life experiences through art, lifestyle, community, and product. It is a one-of-a-kind NFT that aims to create a lifestyle ecosystem that goes beyond JPEG art forms or galleries.

As the community starts growing, PRIVÉ plans to introduce more exciting benefits for its members. This includes but is not limited to spirits like rosé and cognac, toys, merchandise, and exclusive lifestyle experiences. For PRIVÉ, the roadmap to success in the coming years will comprise additional product lines and metaverse collaborations. Going forward, the project will focus on value addition and more lifestyle experiences. With such innovation, PRIVE is hopeful it’ll thrive in this industry, creating real utility and higher returns for its members each passing year.

LA Weekly