Chasten Hamilton finds a way to fund his college education through crypto investments.

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As the digital world widens and grows, the power of the internet becomes more robust and can be harnessed in new ways. Today, we live in a world where crypto investors have become a hot topic. More people are joining the crypto community, which brings enormous benefits and a more difficult task. Despite the increasing interest in crypto investment, many people still leave their money in mainstream investment. This is mainly due to unreliable sources’ lack of information or misleading information from unreliable sources. But research can go a long way to help you make the right decision.

Chasten Hamilton, who is now a master in turning profits in the crypto space, was once a broke college student from Indianapolis. While witnessing a swift growth within the crypto industry, he quickly decided to abandon mainstream investing and put money in digital assets worth $300. After investing in crypto, he started to gain new knowledge and confidence in his investing career. He knew he could earn a considerable profit if he acquired enough skills and knowledge.

Being a graduate student, Chasten has been learning about technology and investment. He could assess new things quickly and accurately, which made him realize the potential of crypto investment. He studied the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency and realized the power of this digital currency. He also felt that if he could harness the power of the digital currency, he might be able to get his life back on track.

In 2017, Chasten Hamilton bought 0.3 Ether as an investment worth $300 at that time. This Ether, worth $ 800, is now grown from $170,000 to $180,000. As an investor, he feels the biggest mistake most people make is giving up their investments too early. Even though the crypto space brings a lot of risks and uncertainty, the considerable potential for investment is beyond any doubt. Thus Chasten thinks it is essential to be patient and stay in a market environment.

He also explored AMC and GameStop options, both popular stocks for portfolio managers. As the traditional market rises and falls, he will put money in crypto when he sees a bullish chart pattern formed by trending bars. And later, he will pull out if prices fall back to the foundation line of support. With the money earned, he could pay off his student debt and now trying to buy a house.

Investing in non-conventional ways offers an excellent chance to be profitable. But keep in mind that not all of them can provide the same results. Thus, it is essential to have some basic knowledge and background information on the market environment and understand what exactly you are investing in before proceeding. Most importantly, be careful of suspicious projects and other gimmicks that claim to have magical solutions but are useless or even fraudulent. It is best to ignore these scams and focus on long-term investment opportunities instead.

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