Chase Chappell: From a high school dropout to a successful entrepreneur

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A degree is required in many careers, but it’s also optional. Your skills and talents can help you get hired or improve your position. We could say that education is essential; it helps people shape their lives, but it is not the only prerequisite to walking on the road to success. When you look at billionaires, you will see that some even dropped out of high school or didn’t earn a University degree. Many things reflect success; a person’s education level is just one factor to consider.

One of the examples of that degree is not that important is Chase Chappell. He is an entrepreneur with a flair for digital marketing, specifically Facebook and TikTok. He owns an advertising and media buying agency called ”Chappell Digital Marketing”. Also, he’s taken part in making a software made for marketers to improve their tracking and attribution platforms. Chappell used the online world also to create a Facebook and TikTok Ad Mastery Class. There he shares his knowledge worldwide.

While Chappell was still a high school student in Texas, he was able to experience both sides of the coin. He grew up in a rural area, but his sister had married into wealth. Seeing those two lifestyles and understanding them, Chappell decided which way his life could go. He dropped out of high school his sophomore year and started making money. Chappell created a business model that found his first client almost immediately.

His start was managing social media for a luxury pool company. Chappell used that as a first case study. Over the years, he implanted that as a routine in company work. Now his name is attached to brands like 7-Eleven, Power Crunch protein bars, and more prominent brand names.

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Funny how things work out

He never got his diploma, and his family initially thought he was crazy for dropping out of high school. But things ended up working astonishingly for him. He now has 1000s of students in his training programs.

Through his business with, Chappell saw a panic in the market when the way we used phones changed with Apple – which made data tracking slightly more complex. He believes that markets weren’t as affected as people claimed they were; however, he seized the opportunity and found a solution to this problem with his team. In no time, they became a six-figure company.

Going along with changes is casual for Chappell and his work. He has always been super adaptable and constantly adjusting to changes. Admitting it was not easy initially, but he is proud of where his decisions brought him. He says, “The first few years, we were working 18-hour schedules for sure. But now, as we’ve expanded, we have more people. And a lot more projects are being pushed forward.

Chappell says that his mission started seven years ago. From being called crazy to mentoring hundreds of young people. He says his will to succeed, discipline, and hard work paid off in the end. His power quote to the world will be: “Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to try to step out of the standard,” says Chappell.

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