Changing the landscape of the digital realm is an aspiring professional, Jordan Franze.

His discrete offerings has been instrumental for many brands and businesses scaling colossal success in the modern-day era.

The digital transformation that the world has experienced in the last decade or so has been humongous. There is absolutely no business or brand that has not made them available over the web. Millions of products, services, brands and businesses have emerged giving a wide plethora of choices for the new age customer. From ordering food online, to retail, to healthcare, fashion and beauty, everything is available for the next gen customers on the tip of their fingertips. A recent survey suggested that the global online sales have seen a tremendous surge of over 30% in the last couple of years. Also the global pandemic era adds more to it, where majority of the customers ordered products on multiple online portals. With great growth and potential in coming years, smart businesses and brands often seek help of specialists that excel in closing digital sales. The digital world is as big as any ocean offering variety of services and solutions depending upon the need of the customers. We met one such specialist of the digital realm who has been instrumental in propelling many brands and businesses achieve their necessary outputs through his discrete strategies by closing the deal, Jordan Franze, an ace entrepreneur spiraling his way to the top in the digital arena.

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Jordan is mere 23 years of age and has already established himself as one of the most sought-after professionals in the digital sector. He is the founder and owner of multiple ventures that leave no stone unturned in helping clients make their way on the digital arena by building high-converting sales funnels and landing pages for brands across the globe. With deep insights about the online consumer buying behavior, core knowledge of the subjects, and detailed data-analysis, Jordan and his firms have developed unique strategic imperatives that does wonder for their clients helping them convert more curious clicks into paying customers. One of his companies, “Kaizen Conversion” has rightly been able to deliver the same results for their elite list of clientele using specific strategies like conversion rate optimization (CRO). They have worked with many renowned brands like Groupon, Bodytrim, Leadpages, and Appster. Their discrete range of offerings and solutions include detailed post-click optimization, marketing automation, advanced user behaviour analysis etc that enables the clients to spend less on advertisement and explore other digital tools and advances to drive desired results igniting multiple opportunities and possibilities over the web.

Jordan is a Bachelor of Commerce, General Management and Business Administration from the University of Adelaide. With a vision of proving his prowess as a successful entrepreneur, Jordan was inclined towards started his own business since childhood. Having tried in many different fields and tasting failures, Jordan build his digital empire from the experiences and learnings he faced on the route to success. From selling homemade widgets to starting his business of server hosting markets, to entering the world of sales and winning the title of #1 sales salesperson by revenue and profit in a commercial IT business industry, Jordan has tried his ways in many variant businesses and fields to master the art of entrepreneurship. Today, Jordan has become a key figure and name in helping thousands of brands achieve their digital goals through many different growth and strategic initiatives which enabled them to build profitable sustainable growth and revenues.

With global aspirations in mind, Jordan wants to further unleash the potential to reach many untapped territories in the world. Do visit his website for more information.

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