Champion Pizza got very powerful story behind business and the founder

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the founder was nominated by Forbes

The Most Inspiring Immigration Stories Of 2019.

Champion pizza is a pizza chain in New York City. Their mission is to serve impressive pizza to the world. They do this through a varied menu that includes classical pizza combinations as well as alternate ones like buffalo chicken” or chicken parm.

Perseverance may be the key between success and failure given that the business world can make or break a project or a person. An example of this is the pizza chain Champion Pizza.

Speaking with founder hakki Akdeniz left us feeling hopeful, as well. His advice is this: believe in yourself and always have faith.” There is truly no telling what you can accomplish. Twenty years ago, Akdeniz had no home. Today, he could have almost anything, but cares more about who he can help than what he can afford. The more Akdeniz has, the more he gives, but even the smallest donations and simplest acts of kindness can make a difference. He leaves us with a final thought, you dont have to be perfect or rich to help others.”

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When you have a slice of Champion Pizza, youre not just enjoying a delicious pie, youre supporting a business that gives back by the boatload.

To achieve a goal one of the most important things to keep in mind is perseverance, never give up and get up after every fall, if you really want to achieve a goal you have to fight for it.

Just this year, the founder of Champion Pizza, Hakki Akdeniz, did a TEDx talk where he shared his experience with homelessness and what that taught him about never losing hope and eventually coming to launch his pizza empire.

Today Champion Pizza has been very successful. They have been featured on TV shows, newspapers, radio programs, and on the cover of a magazine. Moreover, in just 7 years they have been able to go from one or two media outlets to multiple media recognitions.

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Our mission is to serve the most impressive pizzas to the world. We have been able to do that with freshest ingredients.” The founder Akdeniz says, and adds, Our basic ingredients, such as crust, sauce, and some toppings, are made daily in our factories and delivered to each store to maintain the quality of our food.”

There are many reasons that could be mentioned why Champion Pizza is one of the best Pizzerias in all of New York but we can mention among others the attention to freshness and detail in every pizza they make.

 “The crispy thin crust, along with our carefully selected toppings, is one of the reasons we have so many repeat customers who visit Champion Pizza every day.” They comment. Besides, we hold frequent meetings to improve the quality of service”.

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