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Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic last Spring, people all over the world have become more conscious of how they interact with others. The pandemic also saw a resurgence not only in the amount of people seeking to connect with others online, but also in the number of ways they are able to do so. However, most people still remain inherently distrusting of others they meet and interact with digitally, and rightfully so. That product you’re looking to buy may not end up exactly as advertised, or just imagine you can hire an attorney that clients reviewed without any fear, for their true efforts. In dating, imagine being able to avoid ending up with someone who’s already taken others on countless awful dates.

Whatever your reason may be for looking to interact more with others online, no one can ever be completely sure that the other party is as trustworthy as they say. But while the pandemic has made people avoid shaking hands, one app is encouraging people to shake them digitally – with a unique twist.

Change The People, Not The World

The most popular mission for many new startups is “to change the world”, but with PerCheck, CEO Leo Baranes believes that “The world is perfect, it is us that need to change. If we can change people’s behaviors then we’ve truly accomplished a real change,” he explains. “Our biggest issue we are facing right now is trust,” he adds. PerCheck can be summarized with one idea in mind. Remember “the good old handshake” and what it once stood for? A firm handshake and direct look into the other person’s eyes was like a code of honor, a promise.

PerCheck has modernized this concept, applying it to the digital world of today –  a “Digital Handshake”.

We all like to verify or confirm information before we make an important decision: buying a car, making a romantic connection, renting a place, or hiring a service. But surprisingly, no app can give you an accurate previous overview of who your next interaction truly is as a person.

“The dating world is like a meat market. You are being judged based on your profile photo, not your true character. This gets old really fast and very often leads to a disappointing mismatch. We want to change that,” Baranes says.

Likewise, when hiring a service, a company with raving reviews can have many employees, and you can never be certain who will show up at your door. They may have had prior negative experiences with other clients, or may have just been hired and aren’t quite capable of completing the job at hand. This is because online reviews are posted for the company as a whole, not each individual. *Fact. Most people will leave a good review (or none at all – even if they’ve had a negative experience), just because they don’t want it associated with their name.

All feedback on PerCheck is anonymous, allowing all users to see unbiased and transparent ‘character-resumes’.

Bringing Back The Handshake

Imagine if every person, company or service you have ever interacted or connected with came personally recommended by a trusted friend – all without the need to feel worried about being scammed, cheated, or being taken advantage of. This is exactly what the team at PerCheck envisions for their new app.

Users can see exactly who they may be interacting with, and have the option of choosing another individual or company, before the interaction. – “Make the right connection, every time.”

“When COVID-19 made people avoid shaking hands, PerCheck encouraged them to instead shake hands digitally,” Baranes explains. “People need to restore trust between one another. This is how this country got its strength to begin with. By peoplebuilding good communities. PerCheck is a digital handshake between users, implementing features and patents that mirror what a handshake represents. We look for PerCheck to become a go-to platform for users all over the globe, where they can easily, safely, and confidently interact and connect with others.”

What makes PerCheck truly innovative as a digital platform, however, is its unique implementation of ethics and morals in its user profiles. Upon creating an account on the app, each PerCheck user starts with a “perfect score” of 100%, but it is up to the user to retain their score based on their interactions with other PerCheck users. In the business section, for example, the higher a user’s rating, the higher visibility they have on the app, which can provide immense value for businesses. “PerCheck allows you to instantly see a person’s character based on their previous mutually approved interactions with others, which allows users to see who they truly are as a person,” Baranes explains. “All feedback on PerCheck is anonymous which allows for honest and accurate reviews, and allows you to make the right connection every time.” One female even thanked PerCheck when she was able to avoid responding to a married man who had requested a connection with her.  PerCheck’s feature called “Virtual Rings” allowed her to see he was already in a relationship.

Building Networks By Bringing Back Trust

The  COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the digital sea of ‘enhanced’ and ‘fake’ news and false information. But along with the entertainment value of PerCheck, the platform offers a much-needed solution to a widely existent issue: a lack of trust between individuals stemming from recurring negative experiences. While creating connections and building networks in today’s digital world is nothing new, the ever-evolving digital landscape can make it difficult to ensure the new relationships we make mutually beneficial and free of toxicity.

By offering a platform where users are given full ability to hold others accountable – completely anonymously – based purely on merit, PerCheck can help its users feel more safe, secure, and protected in a digital space. The platform also eliminates one major symptom of online toxicity -– multiple user profiles – by only allowing users one PerCheck account, meaning if someone tried to create a second account, their old one will always show up in any simple search raising the red flags you need.

“PerCheck can not only help regular users of social media to build trust and more meaningful relationships,” Baranes tells us, “but also help women who use online platforms to date feel safer and more secure in the people they choose to connect with. It can also help homeowners and others who are looking for access to better and higher quality information, but most importantly, it has the capacity to help hold scammers and other untrustworthy people accountable for their actions.”

Find out more about PerCheck here.


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