Join L.A. Weekly publisher Brian Calle and L.A. Weekly food editor Michele Stueven as they host acclaimed restaurateurs Med Abrous and Marc Rose in celebration of Genghis Cohen’s 35 years of being the most authentic New York-style Chinese food west of the Mississippi. 

Opened in 1983 by music industry icon Allan Rinde as a solution to L.A.’s problematic lack of good New York-style Chinese restaurants, Genghis Cohen has become an L.A. legacy. After 14 years of success, Rinde sold the restaurant to its beloved maitre d’, Raymond Kiu. The Kiu family successfully ran the business until our guests took over in 2015. 

How did these two N.Y.C. natives come to own an L.A. Chinese restaurant? It all started with a phone call. Med and Marc were looking for another venture when they received a call from someone interested in selling the space that Genghis Cohen occupied. As customers themselves, they couldn’t bear the thought of an L.A. without Genghis Cohen, and convinced the Kiu family to let them take over. Luckily for all of us, the family agreed and the Angeleno tradition was saved. 

(Courtesy of @eugeneshoots)

Starting a restaurant in the saturated L.A. market is no easy task, but taking over an old-school legacy with a long history of regulars is even harder. Listen in as the partners discuss the challenges of stepping in to run such a celebrated establishment. How can you keep something authentic while also keeping it relevant?

And with so many Angelenos having a story about Genghis Cohen, Med and Marc discuss the success behind this piece of L.A. nostalgia. 

Brian asks what it takes to have a restaurant survive and thrive 35 years in L.A. — a milestone that’s no easy feat. What happened during the transition of ownership? What changed and what stayed the same? Learn more about how to successfully change an operation from within without affecting authenticity. 

(Courtesy of @eugeneshoots)

When a restaurant is renovated, temporary closures can be expected. This week’s podcast shares the secrets of how to keep customers happy and doors open despite construction. What happened when a renovation caused a pipe to burst and the establishment to flood? 

From an extended mai tai menu to some unforgettable turkey minis, these are exciting times for Genghis Cohen. Tune in to this week’s podcast to find out what’s in store for their menu, what changes guests can expect, and Med and Marc’s advice for running a successful 35-year-old restaurant in L.A.


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