Have you tried CBD or THC to help you sleep? Both promote relaxation, but there’s another compound found in cannabis and hemp that’s even better at transporting you to the land of dreams: CBN (cannabinol).

CBN is the strongest sedative of all known cannabinoids and has even been compared to pharmaceutical anti-anxiety sleep aid Diazepam (Valium). Studies show CBN may also reduce pain, inflammation, nausea and have antibacterial properties.
If you’d like to try CBN, we recommend Rare Cannabinoid Company’s lab-tested double strength CBN (cannabinol) tincture or the brand’s CBN CBD blend made with Maui-grown full spectrum Hawaiian CBD.

What is CBN?
This rare cannabinoid forms when THC – the part of the cannabis plant that gets you high – oxidizes, due to age or heat, and changes its chemical make-up. If you’ve ever smoked older weed and found yourself in a state of couch-locked drowsiness, it may be down to the CBN in the cannabis flower. Recent advances allow CBN to be extracted from hemp in much larger quantities so you can experience a high dose of CBN on its own or added to your CBD or THC product of choice.

Is CBN stronger than CBD?
Both CBN and CBD are well known for their anti-anxiety properties but work in different ways. CBD interacts with the human body’s opioid, dopamine and serotonin receptors while CBN binds with the CB1 receptor. THC also binds with the CB1 receptor, which causes the high associated with cannabis.

Will CBN get me high?
Although CBN works in a similar fashion to THC, CBN is usually only psychoactive if you take a lot of it. At normal doses, CBN is sedating but not intoxicating. CBN is therefore a great alternative to THC for people seeking to relieve insomnia without getting really high or still feeling stoned or groggy the following day.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s double strength purified CBN oil can help you drift off to the land of dreams.

Does CBN work for sleep?

CBN is the strongest sedative of all known cannabinoids, according to Steep Hill, a reputable cannabis science and technology company. Steep Hill previously reported that taking 2.5 to 5mg of CBN had the same level of sedation as 5 to 10mg of Diazepam. Diazepam (known by its brand names Valium and Diastat) is a prescription anti-anxiety pharmaceutical medication similar to Klonopin and Xanax. Steep Hill later removed the reference to Diazepam, saying “further study is required,” but still states that CBN is a stronger sedative than any other cannabinoid, meaning it offers more help against insomnia than THC, CBD, CBG, CBC or other compounds found in hemp and cannabis.

Research on CBN for sleep has been limited due to the historic prohibition of cannabis and hemp, but this scientific experiment found that volunteers felt more sleepy when taking CBN. The sedating effect was accentuated further when CBN was combined with THC. Another  study done on mice found that CBN prolonged sleep time.

CBN vs. Melatonin
In addition to scientific studies, anecdotal evidence abounds of people finding success with CBN for sleep. Many also prefer CBN to melatonin as they wake up more alert and energetic the following day. For example, Bustle writer Kara McGrath took a CBN CBD blend for a month and reported that it “definitely helped” her sleep more deeply and not wake up throughout the night. She compared the CBN blend to melatonin but said she preferred CBN. This was because CBN gave her vivid dreams while melatonin caused insane dreams and nightmares. In a separate review, Daily Beast writer Jillian Lucas reported that taking CBN “feels like I’ve settled into a warm bath and don’t want to move.” CBN helped her sleep well without side effects while melatonin left her “groggy and tired the following day.”

Will CBN work for me?
Many people report sleeping significantly better when taking CBN, with some even able to break away from prescription sleep aids. However, a lot depends on people’s reasons for their lack of sleep (stress, anxiety, being an older woman, caffeine intake and drug or alcohol dependency are all risk factors) and all supplements affect people differently.

How to take CBN (cannabinol)
Cannabinoids need time to build up in one’s system to take effect. We therefore recommend taking CBN or a CBN CBD blend a half hour before bedtime every night. After a week or two, you should be able to feel a difference and can also adjust your dose and timing according to how you feel. A person’s weight, metabolism and any physical or mental conditions can all affect dosage and timing. Taking cannabinoids on a full stomach will also slow the absorption rate even with a sublingual tincture.

Where to buy CBN (cannabinol)
Some cannabis flowers and full spectrum CBD oils contain slightly higher amounts of CBN, but none offer a concentrated, high potency level that will actually make a difference.
Rare Cannabinoid Company is the only brand we’ve found that sells minor cannabinoids in quantities great enough to be effective. You can find the Hawaiian company’s CBN for sale: a pure CBN oil and a CBN with CBD blend, on their website rarecannabinoidco.com. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s apothecary-style line up also includes THCV for weight loss, CBC for depression, CBG for pain and inflammation, CBDA for nausea, THC and more. You can learn more about THCV, CBC, CBG, CBDA and more in this article: What are rare cannabinoids?

How to increase the effects of CBN
Some studies show that CBN is more effective when taken with a high strength CBD, THC or with terpenes that promote relaxation and sleep such as linalool, myrcene and terpinolene. (Hawaiian Choice Relax CBD oil is infused with all three sedating terpenes.)

The impact of insomnia
Sleep is essential for us to function, but sadly 40% of Americans experience insomnia. Five percent even report falling asleep at the wheel according to the American Sleep Association, which demonstrates just how dangerous being chronically tired can be.

If you’re trying to sleep better, CBN or a mix of CBN and CBD or THC and terpenes may be able to help. Of course, they will also work better if you eat healthy, get enough exercise and create an electronic-free bedtime routine and regular sleep schedule. We wish you luck and sweet dreams!

In addition to CBN for sleep, Rare Cannabinoid Company sells THCV for energy and weight loss, CBG for pain and inflammation and other minor cannabinoids.

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