The thousands of positive reviews on make it clear that this brand is trusted for it’s quality CBD. First time customers become repeat customers, often converting family and friends, eager to share the positive effects of whole body wellness that CBDistillery™ provides. 

CBDistillery™ hasn’t just caught the eye of CBD newcomers and longtime cannabis enthusiasts – it’s also become a passion of Grammy-nominated blues singer, Beth Hart.

A talented musician known for works such as her 1999 single “LA Song (Out of This Town)” and albums Seesaw and Live in Amsterdam by Hart and Joe Bonamassa, Beth is a longtime champion of mental health awareness and has been vocal about her own struggles with bi-polar disorder. Living a sober lifestyle, the artist has been committed to natural wellness by practicing transcendental meditation, but she found herself needing more to achieve the whole body wellness she craved. 

That’s when she found CBDistillery™ in the most serendipitous way: on the radio. 

“My husband heard about it on the radio and got really excited, because we knew about CBD products, but we didn’t want just anything,” remembers Beth. “We were looking for a company we could really depend on – the good stuff.” 

CBDistillery™ offers a vast array of CBD products, from tinctures to topicals, gummies and more – what has Beth tried and preferred?

“I like the oils that you put under the tongue, that’s the best for me,” Beth shares. “I wanted to have an isolate because THC can make me a little depressed. I found that the 

highest dose isolate oil – I’ll use about four vials of that under my tongue at night – has been so awesome for any kind of mania or feelings of being too high-strung, and it’s also really great for sleep.”

However, like many of CBDistillery’s™ fans, Beth doesn’t have just one favorite product. 


“I have the oil that has just a little THC, which helps me to fall asleep, so that’s really good,” she continues. “I also have a lighter tincture – the 33mg – that I use during the day as needed. And the gummies! I love the gummies, those are so yummy. They really work great.”

As a musician, Beth uses her hands a lot. Years of use has caused her to suffer soreness, an ailment that she had yet to find suitable relief for – until CBDistillery™

“You know what’s so awesome? The salve,” gushes the world-renowned artist. “I play piano a lot, I garden a lot, and I bite my nails. Those three things make my hands really sore, at night my husband Scotty will rub the salve into my hands and in 15 or 20 minutes I’ll feel it. I also use the cream – both of them are incredible. I’ve given them to my mom, she recently had hip surgery. It really helps her.”

After consistently using CBDistillery™ products, what long-term benefits of CBD has she experienced?

“My hands are feeling better, and my mental health is as well,” Beth confides. “I am able to be on much less bi-polar medication. Because I used to be on so much medication I had really bad li

ver enzymes, since CBDistillery™ helped me get off the meds, this is the first in the last two years that my liver enzymes came in perfect. I credit the CBD; I think because it’s so anti-inflammatory, I think it cleaned my system and helped me function better. It’s really given me hope. So much hope.”

As someone living with Bipolar Disorder, she touts the many benefits of taking CBD from CBDistillery™.

“You don’t have to be mentally ill to take it,” affirms Beth. “All you have to do is live in the world and be stressed out. Here is something you can have that can do two things: helps you to relax so you can look at the positive, and helps reduce inflammation and bring you into balance. It’s just wonderful.”

Beth believes in the brand so much that she has joined the private affiliate program of CBDistillery™, and she is donating 100% of her proceeds to Conscious Alliance.

Who is Conscious Alliance?

“Well they’re awesome. Their whole deal is literally consciousness, right? So they are aware of people in real need who are hungry. We made a connection and agreement with them and CBDistillery™ where any products sold with my link, proceeds would go to them to continue to help those in need,” explains the musician. 

You can help CBDistillery™ and Beth to feed hungry people by using the code “CBDTHATFEEDS” during checkout. You’ll get 15% off your purchase AND every $1 of proceeds is converted into two distributed meals with Conscious Alliance. 

To learn more about CBDistillery’s™ philanthropic endeavors and their partnership with Conscious Alliance, read our follow up article about CBDistillery™ Community Charities. 


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