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CBD Topicals generally are a separate category that for a variety of reasons. First off, for skin irritation, nerve pain, or something that is relatively localized near the surface, people want a topical that does not have a systemic effect to use for alleviating those specific problems.

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Unfortunately, CBD is not easily absorbed by the skin so you need to combine it with something that can take it through the skin barrier and it just so happens that what we’re working with is called MSM. The combination of various things where you want to have a specific effect in this case CBD, then combine it with something that will help it go through the skin, that is key topicals.

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The good thing about all of that is, again, you don’t have a lot of systemic effect the way you would if you had to ingest it first. You can even apply THC topically and you will not have to worry about anything (aside from drug testing, but that’s another topic). Basically what we want to do is make the cannabinoids available through the skin.

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