CBD is more popular than ever in the holistic wellness space.

Every day, more and more people are turning to CBD for the incredible benefits it can provide in maintaining more optimal health.

But it’s not just people who are reaping the benefits of cannabis and the CBD oil that comes from this miracle plant. These days, pets are joining the CBD bandwagon as well, thanks to dedicated and discerning animal lovers who want the absolute best for their dogs and cats. 

Unfortunately, with the demand for CBD products higher than ever, especially where it concerns CBD oil for dogs and CBD dog treats, more and more companies are entering the industry every day, often without undergoing rigorous quality audits. And with no formal regulations in place to police best practices among CBD manufacturers, too many people are falling victim to CBD oil scams that can end up costing them hundreds out-of-pocket.

As you begin your search for the right CBD product for your pup, here are 7 ways to avoid a scam and ensure you’re only investing in the highest quality of CBD.

But first, let’s talk about the #1 company right now that’s doing CBD for Dogs right. 

The #1 Rated CBD Oil for Dogs

When you’re in the market for the perfect CBD for dogs, it can be challenging to wade your way through the plethora of options available in the pet wellness industry.

Using the CBD shopping list above, though, you’ll be armed with the know-how you need to discern which pet CBD is high-quality and which is better left untouched, ensuring your four-legged friend is only receiving the best of the best when it comes to CBD oil for dogs, CBD dog treats, and more!  

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Their CBD oils, CBD pet treats, and CBD-infused peanut butter and coconut oil are top of the line and check all of the boxes on the above CBD shopping list.

Dog lovers will be particularly interested in their full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oils for dogs, which are packaged in CBD tincture form, complete with a dropper that makes it easy to administer the CBD at mealtime or sublingually (under your pet’s tongue). Each CBD tincture comes in a variety of potency levels and are condition-specific, allowing you to choose a CBD hemp oil blend that’s unique to your dog’s situation: from promoting calmness and supporting mobility to offering relief from discomfort and optimizing wellness. Just look at the reviews for any of these CBD oil tinctures—they’re the best in the business!

Does your pup enjoy tasty, mouthwatering dog treats? Honest Paws offers CBD dog treats in a variety of flavors that dogs already enjoy, like peanut butter dog treats, poultry dog treats, and creamy coconut dog treats!

And what’s more, Honest Paws is one of the few NASC-certified CBD companies in the pet wellness space.

This, combined with a track record of world class customer service and products that go above and beyond, makes Honest Paws top dog when it comes to CBD done right and the #1 pick for any pet owner ready to dive into the world of CBD.

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What Is CBD and What Is It Used For?

CBD is something called a cannabinoid, one of the naturally occurring compounds which can be found in the cannabis plant. 

The most well-known cannabinoids are CBD (short for “cannabidiol”) and THC (short for (“tetrahydrocannabinol”). THC is the cannabinoid most known for its psychoactive effects, which result in the “high” recreational users pursue.

Beyond CBD and THC, there are over 100 other cannabinoids present in cannabis, and each one exhibits a different effect when it interacts with certain receptors in the body.

Cannabinoids have become increasingly popular in holistic health because of the way they interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (or “ECS”) in particular.

The ECS is a biological system that can be found inside every mammal, including your dog. The ECS plays a role in regulating different functions in the body. Some of these functions include immune system response, sleep, and even brain processes.

Given these amazing benefits, it was only a matter of time before pet owners began using CBD for their dogs and cats, with many reporting incredible results for conditions like: joint discomfort and mobility, anxiety, allergies, seizures, appetite, among others.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Is It Safe?

One of the first questions people ask when it comes to using CBD oil for dogs is whether or not the product will get their dog high.

The answer is a definite no!

Here’s why:

There are two varieties of the cannabis plant: hemp and marijuana.

The CBD products you see for sale online and in stores will usually be derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant. This is because hemp-derived CBD is the only kind of CBD that’s legal in all 50 states.

On the other hand, products derived from marijuana, the other variety of the cannabis plant, are only legal in states where marijuana has been legalized.

Hemp-derived CBD is also the only kind of CBD that can be used in pet products. This is because the THC levels in marijuana-derived CBD are too high and therefore toxic to animals.

CBD oil for dogs that’s derived from the hemp plant, however, will typically contain THC levels that are less than 0.3%, which is perfectly safe for animal consumption.

So no, hemp-derived CBD will not get your dog high.

But does CBD have other side effects on dogs?

Every dog is different, so it varies from one pet to another. The most that pet parents observe is a bout of lethargy when they’re introducing CBD oil or another type of CBD product to their dog for the first time.

That said, the power is always in your hands when it comes to controlling just how much CBD your dog receives each day. High quality CBD pet products will always indicate dosage on their packaging so you know exactly how much CBD is in every CBD treat or drop of CBD hemp oil!

Before You Buy CBD: 7 Ways to Avoid a Scam

Sadly, the CBD pet industry isn’t regulated, meaning just about anyone can open shop and start selling CBD products to pet owners.

Too often, this has resulted in well-meaning animal lovers getting ripped off. From CBD products that contain ZERO CBD to companies that have had run-ins with the FDA for making false claims about their products, you’ll find a variety of scams on the internet when it comes to cannabis companies, hemp oil, and pet CBD.

So how are dedicated pet parents supposed to discern the good from the bad when it comes to CBD products?

Below, we’ve listed out 7 ways you can easily avoid a scam when you’re in the market for the perfect CBD product for your pet! There aren’t many brands that check all these boxes but there are a few – Honest Paws CBD is our favorite but more about them shortly.

1. Only Purchase Hemp-Derived CBD.

This warning cannot be stressed enough. Again, hemp-derived CBD is the only type of CBD that’s safe for animal consumption, as its THC levels will typically be less than 0.3%.

CBD that is derived from the marijuana variety of the cannabis plant is NOT safe for your pets. It can make them extremely sick—or worse.

When selecting a CBD product for your pet, read the label and packaging thoroughly to ensure that your hemp oil or CBD-infused product of choice is hemp-derived. If it isn’t, turn the other way and don’t look back. Any company selling marijuana-derived CBD for your pet is pushing an unsafe product onto unsuspecting consumers.

Furthermore, look deeply into the hemp source of your CBD product. Does the CBD come from hemp that’s grown here in the USA? Farming practices and standards differ all over the world. By purchasing a CBD extracted from hemp that’s grown on American soil, you can ensure the highest quality in your CBD product of choice.

2. Ensure Your CBD is Full Spectrum.

When you begin shopping for CBD oil for dogs or pet CBD that comes in other forms, you’ll likely come upon terms like full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate.

While all of these variations of CBD can be incredibly beneficial toward supporting your dog’s health, it’s important to know that the language CBD isolate companies use in their marketing isn’t entirely accurate.

Essentially, CBD isolate products are ones that have separated CBD from the other naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant. With these products, you’re getting 100% CBD and nothing else. As a result, many companies tout their products as a purer and more potent form of CBD.

However, a 2015 study found that this isn’t actually the case. As it turns out, full spectrum CBD, which contains all of the hemp plant’s beneficial compounds (terpenes, flavonoids, and all of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids beyond just CBD) actually provides more substantial results.

If that’s the case, you might be wondering, then why do companies sell CBD isolate at all?

The short answer: profit.

CBD isolate is cheaper to make, so companies can enjoy bigger margins by selling their CBD isolate products at the same price point as a more robust, full spectrum product.

If you want the full bang for your buck, though, and more importantly, if you want your dog to reap the full benefits of hemp-derived CBD, then purchasing full spectrum CBD products is the way to go. 

3. CBD Products Should Be Organic & All Natural.

Over the years, the organic movement has experienced increasing popularity. Study after study has come out linking any number of household toxins to cancer and other health issues. As a result, people are becoming more conscious about the foods they purchase and the products they use around their home.

This same level of caution should be applied when purchasing CBD oil for dogs. This is especially important given the fact that the hemp plant has the amazing ability to draw up toxins from the soil, meaning you should only purchase CBD derived from hemp plants that have been grown using organic methods and best practices (no chemical modification, no pesticide treatment, no radiation processing).   

Additionally, ensure that your CBD was processed using CO2 extraction. This extraction method kills any microbial bacteria, insect mites, mold, or mildew that’s on the hemp plant, guaranteeing a cleaner, purer, and significantly healthier high-quality hemp oil.

CBD pet products should also ideally be human grade as well as non-GMO, soy free, dairy free, corn free, and gluten free to better support your dog’s health.  

4. Buy From an NASC-Compliant CBD Company.

NASC stands for The National Animal Supplement Council.

This council is the only one of its kind in the United States and was formed due to a lack of regulations in the animal supplement industry.

When you purchase CBD oil for dogs or other CBD pet products from an NASC-compliant company, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you’re conducting business with a company that is ethical and 100% committed to manufacturing only the safest and highest quality of products.

This is because companies with a certification from the NASC are required to undergo regular and rigorous quality audits. These audits ensure they’re meeting the highest current standards in the animal health product industry.

Given the popularity of CBD and the ease with which just about anyone can start selling CBD products online—safe or not!—purchasing NASC-compliant CBD ensures that what you’re giving your dog is safe and premium quality. Considering the cannabis space is largely unregulated, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your canine friend’s health.

 5. Ask for a Certificate of Analysis.

The availability of a Certificate of Analysis is common practice in the CBD space, so if a company refuses to provide you with one, that’s a red flag that should have you running in the other direction. Chances are they’re peddling a product that contains no CBD whatsoever.

A Certificate of Analysis is one of the most important aspects of purchasing pet CBD in particular. This document is issued by an accredited laboratory and basically provides a detailed overview of the chemical makeup of your CBD product.

On a Certificate of Analysis, you’ll find a list of all the cannabinoids and terpenes that are contained within the product. The document will also verify whether any heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, or microbials were found in the product.

When it comes to CBD oil for dogs and other CBD pet products, what’s most important is verifying the THC levels in your product. Remember, for pets, the THC level should always be below 0.3%. Anything higher than that is unsafe for animal consumption.

The most transparent companies will usually make their Certificates of Analysis publicly available right on their website, allowing you to download the document and review its information right from the comfort of your home.

6. Ensure the CBD Has Been Lab Tested By a Third Party.

This goes hand in hand with the importance of a Certificate of Analysis for your CBD product.

It’s not enough for a company to provide you with this document—you also need to confirm that the CBD was lab tested by a third party. This ensures that the lab isn’t affiliated in any way with the company you’re purchasing from, allowing total transparency surrounding the CBD product at hand and more accurate test results that you can trust.

Additionally, take a close look at your Certificate of Analysis. The name of the lab that tested your CBD should be included somewhere on the document, along with the lab’s address, phone number, and website. Conduct some research into them to get an idea of their testing methods and how long they’ve been in business.  

As a pet parent, you only want the best for your dog, and these critical details will help you find pet CBD that you can put your full trust in.

7. Research the CBD Company’s Reputation.

Plenty of companies in the pet wellness space have had run-ins with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for companies to make false claims about their products or about nonexistent research studies that have been conducted to position their CBD oil for dogs or CBD treats as miraculous cure-alls or as the best in the business. Simply run an online search for “FDA dog CBD,” and you’ll find a list of past offenders.  

That said, it’s essential for pet owners to research the CBD companies they come across when comparing brands. Have they ever received a warning from the FDA? Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? How many reviews do their products have and what do those reviews say? How many customers do they serve?

Though it may be tedious, this all-important detective work on your behalf will ensure that you’re only dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company that cares about producing high-quality CBD pet products. 

CBD for Dogs: The Bottom Line

Dogs are not just pets—they’re much-loved members of our families.

As a pet parent, you care about the health and happiness of your four-legged friends

That’s also why the hemp plant and the many benefits that CBD oil can provide have become more popular than ever.

Unfortunately, there will always be those who try to take advantage of well-meaning consumers who only want the best for their animal friends. With the recommendations above, however, you’ll be better equipped to avoid CBD scams and have all the knowledge you need to pick out the right CBD product for your dog, thus improving their quality of life and making you both happier for it!

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