In the news, you may have seen stories about how the claims on the label are wrong when it comes to hemp products. While there are a minority of products with CBD levels that are drastically different from the claims on the label, most products are within a reasonable, fair range. At Real Tested CBD, we tested major brands to see how their CBD and THC levels compared to the label’s claims. In the majority of cases, these claims are fairly close to the advertised amount of CBD and THC.

Most Brands Are Reasonably Accurate

While there are always outliers out there, most brands are fairly close to having the correct amount of THC and CBD. In fact, most of the brands we tested were within an acceptable range of 30 percent. Unfortunately, there were a couple of bad brands that were consistently too low or too high. In these cases, the brands were more than 1,000 milligrams short of the amount advertised on the label.

The Six Least Consistent CBD Product Label Claims

When it comes to consistency, the following brands are the worst. The first three have drastically more CBD than they are supposed to. Then, the next three brands have significantly less CBD than they advertised on their labels.

The Highest Offender:

  • Vena CBD Tincture: This oil is supposed to have 3,000 milligrams of CBD in it. Instead, it has a whopping 4,160.54 milligrams.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are brands that sell products that contain very little CBD. They advertise CBD levels that are more than 1,000 milligrams higher than the actual amount of CBD.

The Lowball Offenders List

In most cases, the labels are just slightly optimistic about their CBD content. The previous brands are just outliers in the industry. While it may sound great to get more CBD than you paid for, you do not want to take too much CBD unintentionally. On the other end of the spectrum, you could end up taking CBD products that do not have enough CBD to do anything.

Thankfully, this problem is only present in a small minority of products. Even when the actual CBD level is only slightly off, it is still important to know this fact because you need to take an exact dosage. By looking up the product’s actual amount of CBD found by a third-party laboratory, you can ensure that you always get what you pay for. To learn more about the CBD oils, CBD gummies and other various products that you have been consuming, visit Real Tested CBD.

Article update: This article originally reported a PAW CBD product from cbdMD contained over 300% more CBD than claimed on the label. We talked to the manufacturer and retested the product with a different serving size (which was omitted from the label) and found the results to be much more inline with expected. 

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