Cannabidiol (CBD) is a miraculous natural resource that for too long has been restricted and obscured behind the stigmas associated with Cannabis. But because of the growing demand for natural remedies and new wellness solutions, research is finally well underway, and some of the results have been outstanding. Here’s a dive into the science of why CBD works for weight loss.

One of the areas that CBD is really taking off is weight loss. Studies and personal experiences have shown how CBD can help you burn stubborn fat, reduce your appetite and improve your metabolism. Making it one of the safest and most effective weight-loss supplements we know of.

The great thing about CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is that it is non-psychoactive. Unlike other compounds that are also found in the cannabis plant such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). By supplementing a high-quality product, you should see improvements in your mood, sleep, and metabolism.

Best CBD for Weight Loss

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Benefits of CBD

When most people think about Cannabis users, they automatically think of hungry stoners eating their body weight in food, also known as the munchies. This phenomenon occurs due to cannabinoids reacting with your bodies neuro-transmitters. This causes a release in Ghrelin, which is the hormone responsible for your hunger. The strange thing is, despite this release in Ghrelin, studies have found that regular cannabis consumers, actually have a tighter waistline. (1)

But what about CBD?

Well, it turns out that CBD can help you lose weight. CBD actually synergises perfectly with your natural endocannabinoid system to enhance your bodies metabolism. So whether your goals are to reduce overall body weight, prevent weight gain, t or target stubborn fat, CBD may help.

CBD the Fat Burner

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CBD has a positive effect on turning “bad fat” – white fat, or white adipose tissue, into brown appose tissue, also known as “good fat”. (2)

Fat browning is a powerful weight loss effect. Brown fat cells contain raised numbers of mitochondria. This means that when it is burned, the reaction requires a lot more heat and energy. This utilizes more fat as fuel and results in more fat burning.

CBD Reduces Stress

One of the most well-researched and known about benefits to using CBD products is the ability to reduce stress in its users. This is a double-edged sword.

The first effect is a physical one. CBD has been shown to aid your body in regulating cortisol, the stress hormone. (3)

By regulating cortisol, you reduce inflammation throughout the body and lower pain. With lower inflammation, your body. Long periods of stress lead to de-sensitization. This means your brain no longer reacts as efficiently towards cortisol. CBD restarts the process and enables people who are over-stressed to reclaim the balance in their body.

Besides the physical effect, taking CBD makes people feel less stressed and happier, which directly affects mood. Being in a bad mood often leads to comfort eating. Being in a good mood usually leads to better decisions.

Not only does a stress reduction help your food cravings, but it also helps you to make better lifestyle decisions, and you will feel more motivated.

CBD is an Appetite Suppressant

CBD products react within the body endocannabinoid system to regulate and block CB1 receptors, reducing appetite. (4)

CBD Improves Sleep

A hot topic in recent years, poor sleep is essentially a catalyst for a huge variety of bad habits and patterns. People who sleep less tend to eat a poorer diet, have higher cortisol levels in their body, have reduced brain function and even live shorter lives. (5)

On the reverse, a healthy sleeping habit has a myriad of benefits. You will be more alert, have better energy levels plus your body will have the optimum amount of time to burn muscles and repair following workouts.

CBD is especially helpful for those who have anxiety-based insomnia or PTSD and has been shown to help those who suffer from these conditions. It does so by stopping the suppression of REM sleep, which is one phase of sleep attributed to restoration. (6)

Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that CBD may help your sleep while also massively increase your daytime energy. (7)

CBD Improves Exercise Performance

We have already talked about CBD and its effect on inflammation. By reducing this inflammation, you can recover quicker, work harder and reap more benefits from your hard workouts.

We always recommend exercise as a tool to use alongside your diet and supplementation. Whilst it is true you can’t out-train a bad diet; you can speed weight loss up with the right exercise plan.

Many people are combining CBD and Yoga. This is due to their synergetic effects on pain and inflammation. By practising both together, you can see massive benefits to your mood and body.

The Limitations of CBD and fat burning

CBD is an amazing tool to add to your arsenal when you are trying to lose weight. But it is just a catalyst. CBD alone will not cause you to lose those extra pounds.

You need to burn calories at a faster rate then you consume them, and you need to make sure you fuel your body with the right fuel and nutrients.

The first thing we highly advise is to cut out any processed food from your diet. It is surprisingly hard to overeat when you are eating healthy organic food. Next, you should work on your eating habits. Try not to consume large meals late at night. When you sleep, your body and metabolism slow down, this means that late-night meal will be wreaking havoc.

Finally, try and get some exercise at least once a day. This can be as simple as a 10-minute brisk walk. Even if you have never exercised, a 10-minute walk is all it takes to get started. It might not seem like much but a 10-minute walk every single day adds up to 3650 minutes over the year, which is 60 hours of exercise!

When you have all of this right, CBD can be a powerful accelerant. Think of it as adding petrol to a fire. Your body will shift that stubborn weight even quicker, and you will have more energy than ever. This will make it even easier to resist temptation and to stick to your program.

CBD products have flooded the market recently, and it is wise to err on the side of caution when buying them. Make sure you look at customer reviews from people who have used the product and have seen reliable results.

Which is Best CBD Supplement for Weight Loss?

If you decide to supplement with CBD for weight loss, you need to make sure you are getting a quality product. CBD is expensive to produce, and many supplements will contain a minimal amount, and make up for it with an array of ineffective ingredients. Our favourite CBD weight loss supplement is ShredCBD.

CBD oils are commonly used, and high-quality hemp oil or CBD oil can be particularly beneficial for sleep. However, if your goal is weight loss, then a supplement is most effective because you can take a targeted amount at a high concentration. (8)

When using CBD for weight loss, supplements are effective because they make their way into the small intestine, where the body best absorbs it over a prolonged period of time. Unlike CBD oil which goes to your stomach, where your stomach acid destroys some of the good stuff. (9)

When researching high-quality products on the market to try, I came across a supplement, Shred CBD. I was compelled by the clinically dosed natural ingredients and high amounts of 99% pure CBD isolate. It also contains well-studied natural fat burners: Green Tea Extract and Garcia Cambogia.

It also contains less than 0.01% THC, which is well under the legal limit and will not show up on a drug test.

I will talk about my experiences with ShredCBD in the conclusion; however, first, let’s look at Green Tea Extract and Garcia Cambogia’s benefits for weight loss.

Other Natural Fat Burners:

Garcia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most popular weight loss supplements of the last decade. Created from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, this ingredient contains a huge amount of HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid. This is the interesting ingredient said to improve weight loss (10)

In one study, garcinia Cambogia was shown to reduce the weight of users by around 2 pounds (0.88 kg) more than the placebo groups over a period of 2–12 weeks (11)

How Does it Work?

Animal and human studies have shown that Garcinia Cambogia can help to suppress appetite. (12, 13)

It isn’t fully understood how this works; however, it appears that Garcinia Cambogia increases serotonin in the brain, which is a known appetite suppressant. (14)

Other studies have shown that it may also block fat production, reducing belly fat. (15)

In a particularly promising study, overweight people took 2800 mg of Garcinia Cambogia daily for eight weeks and dramatically improved numerous risk factors for disease (16):

  • Blood triglycerides –6% lower
  • Fat metabolites –125–258% more excreted in the urine.
  • “Bad” LDL cholesterol levels –3% lower
  • “Good” HDL cholesterol levels –7% higher.
  • Total cholesterol levels –3% lower


This is possible because Garcinia Cambogia inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase, which is a key factor in the production of fat (17)

Green Tea Extract

Most high-quality weight loss supplements will use green tea extract, as it is a well-studied weight loss tool. Green tea contains caffeine, which has well-known benefits to fat burning and exercises performance. (1819).

It is also full of powerful antioxidants called catechins (20). The most important is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is known to boost metabolism. In order to benefit from this effect, a concentrated form of green tea in the form of green tea extract is most effective.

How does it work?

In order for your body to burn fat, it must first break down the fat cell and mover it into your bloodstream. Green tea can aid this process because EGCG prevents the fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine from being inhibited (21).

Caffeine and EGCG are also found to have a synergistic effect when it comes to burning fat. (22)

In one study, those who took green tea extract before exercise burned 17% more fat than those who didn’t. (23).

Following another 8-week study, it was shown that tea catechins increased fat burning not only during exercise but during rest as well, boosting your overall metabolic rate. (24).

Another way that green tea can help you to lose weight is by reducing your appetite and automatically causing you to consume fewer calories. (25).

Conclusion – My ShredCBD Testimonial

During my two month trial using Shred CBD, and after following the same weight loss program I had for the previous two months, I lost an extra pound a week on average. Which I found to be pretty impressive considering the ingredients are all-natural.

Not only that, but I felt great. I was sleeping better and maintained better energy levels throughout the day. Needless to say, I plan to continue to supplement with Shred CBD daily while I keep working towards my goals based on body composition, consistent energy and improved focus.

ShredCBD could be a powerful addition for anyone whose goals involve improving their physique. With 1200 mg of CBD isolate, green tea extract and Garcia Cambogia, this is a premium cbd fat burner free from harsh stimulants and full of powerful natural ingredients.

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How Does CBD work?

CBD works by interacting with you CB1 and CB2 receptors found in your endocannabinoid system located throughout your body.

What are the key benefits of CBD and weight loss?

The key health benefits of CBD and weight is its ability to improve your metabolism and reduce body fat by turning white fat into brown fat.

Is CBD oil for weight loss effective?

CBD oils for weight loss can be effective. However, CBD in the form of supplements are best because they can absorb fully into your body through the small intestine.

Which are the best CBD products for weight loss?

I found Shred CBD to be very effective for weight loss. It contains 1200 mg of CBD and additional natural fat-burning Gargia Cambogia and Green Tea Extract. This makes it the ideal cbd weight loss supplement and cbd based fat burner.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

Drug tests look for THC, not CBD. Therefore, so long as the products you consume contain only trace amounts of THC, it will not show up on a drug test. ShredCBD contains less than 0.01%.

Are there any side effects of CBD?

CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make you feel high. However, some people report dry mouth, lightheadedness, or drowsiness.


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