CBD For Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms: Some Frequently Asked Questions

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We know that a lot of people are suffering from alcohol addiction. It is not easy to get out of alcohol addiction because of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. When an alcohol addict stops using alcohol, his/her body reacts to the reduced levels of dopamine in their body and it causes different symptoms like nausea, headaches, anxiety, hallucinations, etc. The symptoms worsen as they continue to say away from alcohol and they will get a feeling that alcohol can make all these symptoms go away and can make them happy. Thus they start to consume alcohol again.

So, managing alcohol withdrawal symptoms is crucial in stopping alcohol consumption. Experts are saying that CBD can help you to cope with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In this article, we are discussing some questions frequently asked by people who think about using CBD for alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

How Does CBD Help To Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

Alcohol is known to increase many hormones that amplify your happiness. But when alcohol addicts try to stop alcohol consumption, the body craves this high sensation and endocannabinoids. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that can mimic the properties of an endocannabinoid. CBD acts on the ECS to replenish your body’s endocannabinoid levels and can help to control your anxiety and stress. CBD also inhibits some enzymes that are responsible for breaking down endocannabinoids.

What CBD Dosage Should You Use To Manage Alcohol Withdrawal?

CBD is not officially accepted as a remedy for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. As a result, we cannot specify a standard dose for you. If you think CBD can help, then with your doctor’s approval you can use it. The best way to find the perfect dose for you is through trial and error. Start with a smaller dose like a dose less than 10 mg. Use it for a few days and keep track of its performance. If it is able to provide you with the desired effects, then keep using the dosage. If you are not getting the desired effect even after using the same dose continuously for a week, then increase the CBD dosage and observe its effects. Keep increasing the dose until you find a dose that helps you to manage the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Can CBD Be Used as an Alcohol Substitute?

CBD cannot provide the high effect caused by alcohol. But it can definitely make you feel relaxed and calm. The major advantage is that CBD is free from health problems and hangovers.

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