CBD Celebrity Scams Strike Again — Reba McEntire Is Fighting Back Against Nature’s One CBD Gummies

Just because some celebrities openly promote CBD supplements doesn’t mean everyone in Hollywood is “hot for hemp.” Unfortunately, since CBD has so much “cachet” in the entertainment industry, scammers have taken advantage of this cannabinoid’s popularity. There have been dozens of fake celebrity endorsements for CBD brands and products.

Recently, a company called Nature’s One CBD published dozens of ads claiming country star Reba McEntire endorsed their products. However, according to official reports, McEntire has never associated her name with CBD oils, capsules, or gummies. Until Reba McEntire says otherwise, customers should avoid any hemp products that seem to have her seal of approval.

Reba McEntire Hits Back Against Hemp CBD Scammers

In a recent Twitter post, McEntire warned her fanbase to be cautious of any products that appeared to have her endorsement. The singer specifically called out “CBD gummies” as supplements to watch out for. McEntire says she will only announce partnerships on her verified Twitter feed or her official websites like http://reba.com/.

Before McEntire published her Twitter statement, investigators at Snopes.com reported on suspicious CBD-related ads on Facebook. These promos usually featured an image of Reba McEntire and a link to what appeared to be a FOX News story. However, researchers analyzed the code for these pages and discovered they weren’t on FOX’s official page.

These ads claimed Reba McEntire used Nature’s One CBD gummies to miraculous effect. There were also links to purchase Nature’s One CBD gummies on these pages, but there were no contact numbers associated with this company.

It’s unknown if McEntire will press charges against Nature’s One CBD for using her image and likeness in these false ads. However, for the time being, customers should avoid any CBD items that claim to come from Reba McEntire.

CBD Celebrity Scams Keep Cropping Up

Unfortunately, this recent McEntire CBD scam isn’t an isolated incident. Prominent entertainers like Clint Eastwood and Mayim Bialik were also featured in spammy CBD ads in the past few years. Interestingly, Eastwood successfully took CBD companies to court for alleging he endorsed their hemp products.

On the other hand, many celebrities genuinely support CBD supplements, so it can be tricky to separate what’s real in this emerging industry. For instance, actress Kristen Bell has a line of official CBD products under the “Happy Dance” label. Martha Stewart is also well known for supporting CBD in her Shop Canopy store.

Customers must be skeptical whenever they run across a CBD celebrity endorsement. If there’s no official news that a socialite is pushing CBD oil, chances are it’s fake.

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