Cash Money Coin, With Cash Money Records, Launching A Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency


David Boutte and Alex Carney collaborated with Bryan “Birdman” Williams to create a cryptocurrency that will give token-holders access to Cash Money Records artists and their creative content as well as unique future NFTs that fans won’t want to miss

Newsflash for those looking for a new opportunity in which to invest – Cash Money Records is within days of launching Cash Money Coin, the label’s first move into cryptocurrency and NFT’s. Cash Money Coin is launching on Thursday, March 17th, and fans of Cash Money Records artists will want to be first in line to invest.

Cash Money Coin is a collaboration between a group of smart entrepreneurs, led by David Boutte and Alex Carney of Tech of the West, and Cash Money Records, led by Bryan “Birdman” Williams, to create a coin that will add value, protection, and opportunity to all stakeholders. The record label and its artists stand to gain coin equity ownership as well as fan participation in future events, both virtual and in-person. With all the changes in the music industry and access to streaming services, the development of new ways of engaging with artists and providing fans with the music and experiences they crave is timely and essential.

What benefits will fans get as coin-holders? They can expect increased access to their favorite artists and their creative content. Holders of Cash Money Coin will be able to facilitate transactions related to metaverse and in-person concerts and the opportunity to purchase future offerings of special NFTs. All indications suggest it would be wise to purchase sooner rather than later, and the more, the better. Pre-sales for the NFT are available now, and prices of Cash Money Coins are predicted to skyrocket post-launch.

Early investors will receive special perquisites. It is anticipated that 10 million Cash Money Coins will grant holders access to special online events. Holders of 100 million will be invited to an annual appearance by Birdman. Big investors will receive exclusive access to artists, perhaps through virtual fireside chat rooms and VIP tents at in-person events. Cash Money Coin holders will receive first access to future project NFT releases, and Cash Money Records will also require tokens for in-person events.

For fans who love Cash Money Records music and culture but don’t have a clue about cryptocurrency, you will not get any shame from Boutte. As the launch date for Cash Money Coin has approached, he has been doing some hand-holding for followers on his Facebook page. To demystify the unknowns of crypto for interested investors who lack experience in this realm, he shared some step-by-step instructions to help people get set up to purchase Cash Money Coin. If you have been waiting for a reason to dabble in the crypto markets, this is a golden opportunity for music-lovers to take the leap with Cash Money Coin.

Boutte and Carney went to great lengths to surround themselves with an outstanding team of professionals for this collaboration. With long-range plans to launch several successful projects, they did everything by the book. They brought on the advisors and executive staff to ensure Tech Of The West is registered with the SEC and Cash Money Coin is granted a full exemption under Wyoming law as a utility token that is 100% legal in the United States.

When asked how this project all came together, Boutte and Carney shared that none of this would be possible without hip hop mogul Jo Jo Capone.

Using everything Boutte and Carney have learned from experience about business, technology, and online security, the team also went the distance in hiring a trustworthy, full-time blockchain engineer. They want their team’s investment to be safe and for investors to experience the same level of trust and protection when they purchase Cash Money Coins. Boutte and Carney are in for the long haul, doing things right, dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s.

Cash Money Records is a record label founded by Birdman and his brother, Ronald “Slim”​ William in 1991. Republic Records is the distributor for the label, and its list of hip-hop artists includes Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. The label has had great success, as artists signed with them have had countless number one albums and singles.

Boutte and Carney approached Cash Money Records to create this unique coin for the label, and it seems to be a match made in heaven. They have worked tirelessly to make this an exciting, one-of-a-kind investment for Cash Money Records fans and ensure it is a project that will be a gift that keeps on giving to investors and token-holders.

Change can be exciting, but it also has its challenges. For those of us who have only known one monetary system all of our lives, the concepts and vocabulary involved in becoming crypto-literate can feel daunting. Cash Money Coin is not asking us to ditch the American dollar. They are merely inviting us to come and play with them, adding a little spice to our lives. Many believe crypto is here to stay. Some major players in business and finance are regularly engaging in cryptocurrency transactions with customers and vendors.

If learning about Cash Money Coin is making your heart beat faster in a good way, treat yourself to finding out more about this unique opportunity. Imagine being on the cutting edge as a VIP on the guestlist for a fireside chat with one of Cash Money Records’ superstars. 2022 is a great time to be alive – there is no time like the present to make incredible changes!

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Glenda Hovenkamp, Writer

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