Many of us are eager to get back to work, and Casco Contractors is going to make it happen. Their recently-launched Casco “Back to Work” initiative is helping businesses quickly upgrade their office space to prevent the spread of germs and respect new social-distance norms. 

Specializing in tenant improvements and office space design, the company has been working around the clock to help companies plan for the eventual return to the workplace. 

“We’re all anxious to get back to work,” says Cheryl Osborn, CEO and founder of Casco Contractors. “When the time comes, we want to make sure that our offices and workspaces are as safe and healthy as possible while still being productive.”

Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced his Six-Point Guide to Help Reopen California, including in his list the redrawing of business floor plans for better social-distancing and employee protection. Osborn’s team is making the Governor’s guide a reality, helping businesses restructure to allow for a quick reopen. 

“We know it’s going to be a big moment when companies finally reopen their doors,” she says. “We want to help provide the peace of mind employees will need to go back into their workplaces and safely adapt to a new way of working.”

So how does one make their workplace safer? It begins with a comprehensive assessment of the existing workspace to identify at-risk areas and evaluate density. From there Casco’s experienced team provides recommendations for making the space more friendly for a partial virtual workforce and potential downsizing, identifying capital improvements that can be made while the offices are unoccupied. 

“As a CEO, my employees’ safety is my top priority,” Osborn says. “I know the same is true for most business leaders. We’re committed to helping them create a safe and welcoming environment for that exciting moment when we’re all able to get back to work.”

Casco’s Back to Work improvements are based on three key categories: retrofitting, reorganizing, and reenergizing. The company will retrofit offices with immediate upgrades that promote social distancing and prevent the spread of any germs or virus. Then, they reorganize by adjusting space plans and upgrading conferencing capabilities to make remote work more conducive. Once the major work is completed, the team then prepares the final workspace to enable better office productivity in today’s new normal. 

Not only does the Back to Work initiative revitalize office spaces and safety, but they consult with business leaders on how to both shrink and grow their workforce. With Casco Contractors, no stone is left unturned and every scenario is explored to ensure that when a business reopens, they reopen with their full potential for success. 

What are some top suggestions from the experts at Casco? Rethink what collaboration looks like. Gone are the days of open floor plans and shared spaces, but that doesn’t mean that employees have to be isolated from one another. More than just hand sanitizer and cubicles, Casco’s suggestions will reshape the relationship between layout and productivity, allowing for happier and better protected employees. 

Today, many employees are working from home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Soon, with Casco Contractor’s help, we can be back in the office while still preventing the spread – keeping employees and profits safe, stable, and flourishing. 

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