Care As One is a Los Angeles-based tech company that launched in August 2020 amidst a global pandemic and recession. The Founder and CEO, Vijai Bhatti, had one goal in mind, to be the go-to solution for senior care companies hiring needs. Care As One’s robust software allows senior care companies to connect with qualified candidates and hire instantly. The software capabilities include:

  • Job posting.
  • In-platform messaging.
  • Live video interviews.
  • Training videos.
  • Document management, including signing and sharing all hiring paperwork.

Senior Care companies are rapidly growing due to the baby boomer generation getting older, and the elderly are finding it more convenient to be taken care of at home. Under the senior care umbrella falls skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice care, and the bulk of the market being in-home health care companies that provide care to elderly residences. The US senior care industry is growing and expected to hit a 350 billion market size by 2030. It is one of the largest industries in America, with a high turnover rate of 67-90%. Senior care companies’ primary business model is one human caring for another human, so having the right staff and sufficient staff is crucial. Bhatti noted, “Hiring is a constant, never-ending process in the senior care industry, and they constantly need new hires for the businesses to flourish and grow more.”

In only 9 months, Care As One has garnered 130 plus senior care companies nationwide, with companies hiring from the Bronx to Phoenix. Companies have been able to hire candidates as fast as 48 hours. Bhatti stated that “Care As One is the go-to solution to solve the high turnover rate in the senior care industry since the hiring platform makes the hiring process easier and seamless by connecting senior care facilities with the right qualified caregivers and CNA’s for them.” Bhatti has owned and invested in a plethora of businesses and owns an assisted living facility as well. He has personally hired over 300 people for his various small businesses and knows the struggles that come with the hiring process. “I always tell my employees that I am the prospective client; if you can sell to me, you can sell to them.” Bhatti goes on to say, “I have used every single type of online hiring solution, so I know what is needed to enhance the hiring experience.” About 86 percent of companies use online solutions to hire. However, it is difficult for the senior care industry because there is a lack of specialized solutions for their hiring needs, so senior care companies tend to get applicants from all sorts of candidates. Bhatti stated, “On top of having exceptional software, the companies that use Care As One love that we guarantee a certain number of applicants every month only in the senior care industry.” Bhatti partnered with Jonas Muthoni, founder and CEO of Deviate Agency in Los Angeles. The Deviate team consists of leading web and software developers and digital marketers. Muthoni and his team have built technologies for multimillion-dollar companies and helped clients thrive online through their innovative strategies. Muthoni is Care As One’s CTO/Co-founder and brings the technical savvy needed to execute Bhatti’s vision, and it seems to be working. 

Care As One is currently raising 2 million dollars to satisfy the demand for their product. Muthoni stated, “A portion of the funds will be used for the development of Artificial Intelligence to source quality applicants at a faster rate and match them instantly with companies.” That will be a key catalyst to Care As One’s overall success, and they are also developing iOS and Android mobile apps since 87% of job seekers use apps. Bhatti stated, “At the end of the day, our job is to provide qualified applicants to senior care facilities quickly, which mobile apps and AI will do at an unprecedented speed.”

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