Meet Matthew C. Nickerson and how he plans to change the Health & Wellness Industry

A standout quarterback at Sandia High School in Albuquerque, NM, Nickerson was shot in the chest by another motorist during a 1997 traffic altercation. The bullet lodged in his back, embedded shrapnel in his abdomen and caused several ventral hernias, injuries that would take multiple surgeries and more than 20 years to overcome.

The shooting also ended his ascension toward a college football scholarship – and set Nickerson on a different path completely. Hollywood might balk, but Matt Nickerson is living it, and inviting everyone along for the ride.

Expanding on their success with Vaso6, a popular and effective green tea-based pre-workout and pump supplement, Nickerson & Sperduti’s newest flagship product – CellFlo6 – is specially designed to support cardiovascular, immune, cellular and weight-management systems while increasing physical energy, endurance and recovery.

Formulated by their world-class team and backed by published studies and science, CellFlo6 is now being manufactured in India and distributed internationally by premier California-based dietary distributor Lief Labs.

“That competitive athletic environment is contagious,” he says. “It’s driven by athletes and other people who want the most out of their bodies every day. It’s very well-suited to my personality, the kind of dynamic I wanted to surround myself with.”

While slowly but steadily recovering from his injuries, Nickerson channeled his instincts for teamwork and success into sales, logging 14 years as a sales consultant for medical-device manufacturers. The 15-year B2B sales focused on everything from tissue regeneration to various wound and burn treatments, opening Nickerson’s eyes to a new world of possibilities – and putting him on the lookout for something “truly innovative and disruptive.”

What he found was exciting research by Dr. David Fitzpatrick (a highly respected nutritional authority) focused on a nutritional innovation involving natural extracts – “early and premature,” Nickerson notes, “but tailor-made for the life science/athletic sports nutrition pursuits I was most interested in.”

Nickerson started creating his dream job by acquiring the rights to science but “didn’t have the arrogance to think I was the person to bring this to the world.” When he realized his true potential, he said, “it scared the hell out of me.”

“It was so big, and could be so disruptive,” Nickerson notes. “This could help so many people around the world, even animals, and who the hell am I to think I can bring all that good to the world without the right team around me?”

He needed a partner, someone familiar with company building and the healthcare industry. Nickerson had met Michael Sperduti around 2002, when Nickerson was a

sales consultant for Medical Specialties Distributors, a leading national supplier of parts and equipment for the home-based infusion-therapy industry. Sperduti was a guest speaker at the company’s national sales conference, and Nickerson was immediately taken by his eloquence and expertise.

He knew what he wanted to do and who he wanted to do it with, but Nickerson wasn’t about to waste Sperduti’s time. In fact, he didn’t contact the all-star business builder until 2014, after he acquired rights to the groundbreaking science and his laboratory partners had rounded it into shape.

Matching Nickerson’s passion was his product. The first time Sperduti tried it – about a test tube’s worth, poured into his coffee – he was floored. “Within 20 minutes, I felt this good, focused, actualized feeling,” he says. “There are nutritional products that say they work, but how do you really know? With this product, I felt it immediately.”

Sperduti is internationally recognized as the leading authority in building world-class healthcare brands, having helped industry icons Medtronic, McKesson, Siemens, GE Healthcare and Becton Dickinson and Co., as well as hundreds of successful privately owned companies launching and building organic business.

After taking the product-to-be-named-later for several months, Sperduti went from “grossly overweight to a healthy weight,” a 40-pound weight loss maximized by multiple weekly workouts and what he describes as “more energy than I’ve had in years.”

“Honestly, it wasn’t even the product – it was Matt. He’s got this dream and he’s got this tech, and he’s giving me the gift of helping him. And I’m going to do whatever I can to do that.”

Nickerson and Sperduti commercialized their first product, Vaso6, in late 2017. The co-CEOs officially launched Cardia6 Management LLC in 2020 and will now redefine holistic health with CellFlo6, reformulated to enhance blood flow and support the cardiovascular, immune, cellular and weight management systems of the body to help everyone live a healthier and more active life.

Nickerson, meanwhile, tips his cap to Sperduti’s prime business-building skills – and predicts even more creativity to come. Amazon “started with just books,” he notes, a sure sign that his designs on global nutraceutical markets don’t end with CellFlo6.

“Going from an athlete and hanging up your cleats … only to find myself back in the world of sports and competition is a full culmination of my dream coming true,” Nickerson says. “And the truth is, we’re just getting started.”

LA Weekly