Capturing Life Through Different Lenses With Briana Gallo and Driftwood Adventure Treks

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Briana Gallo is not your ordinary traveler. She’s an international photographer on a mission to change lives through cultural immersion. Through her photography, she endeavors to broaden people’s perspectives and reveal the wonders in the world, whether within the local environment or beyond borders. Her deep-seated interest in cultural immersion and photography for the betterment of society has earned her recognition in publications such as Modern Luxury San Diego and Art Tour International.

As a travel planner, Briana is dedicated to creating custom trips for adventurous individuals, families, and groups who crave cultural exploration. Her tours span many exotic locations, including Nepal, Latin America, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and more. For the year 2024, Briana has planned to expand her reach with new locations in Japan and Kilimanjaro. What sets her travel programs apart is her focus on cultural immersion, which includes photography workshops to give her clients an even more enriching experience.

Briana lives by the mantra, “Courage is the power to step out of the familiar,” which is evident in both her photography work and travel treks. Her photography workshops emphasize capturing the moment, whether through portraits or landscapes, using any camera, from DSLR to mobile phones.

Briana is a dynamic and inspiring guide who not only leads invigorating treks but also instructs Yoga and Pilates. Her passion for teaching is geared towards helping people realize what their bodies can do and what their physical potential is. “I have always been an avid hiker, after a hip replacement I lost most of my strength and flexibility. Now that I’m working with Bri, I am back on the trails hiking with no discomfort,” shared Paige, one of Briana’s clients.

Her company, Driftwood Adventure Treks, goes beyond the surface level of destination and activity. These expeditions prioritize the creation of community through immersive experiences. Briana understands that being present at the moment is key to forming bonds with others who share similar values. Through this intentional approach, each trek and workshop becomes an opportunity for personal growth and social connection, and it’s this dedication to fostering these relationships is what sets  Driftwood Adventure Treks apart from the rest.

Briana has a few spots available for her upcoming trek on April 17-30, 2023, and she’s eager to welcome more clients to join her. In addition to her tours, she’s also focused on setting up local photo workshops to connect with her community. Briana’s website is the go-to resource for information on her offerings and to stay connected with like-minded individuals by subscribing to her mailing list. With Briana, the world can be seen through different lenses, and life can be captured in a new and unique way.

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