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Four years ago, Capital Postal & Mailbox Service went live and began operations for the first time. It was the manifestation of Takisha Clark’s dreams as an entrepreneur making a difference. Today, Capital Postal & Mailbox Service has become one of the most reliable courier service companies with a presence in every state in the U.S., and plans are underway to open a California location in a few months.

Achieving all this in record time is a big win for company founder and CEO Takisha Clark. She dreamt of owning a franchise company, and now she has launched the franchise in 49 states. Her life and entrepreneurship journey has not been without stumbling blocks and thorns, but she has managed to stay strong, brave the challenges, and come out on top through it all. She got into entrepreneurship when she was 22 with a daycare business. Within two years, she purchased three properties and had her sights set on expanding her tentacles as a businesswoman.

In 2007, tragedy struck when her sister died in a car accident. Takisha could not bear the loss as it sent her spiraling into a deep abyss of an emotional wreck. She became depressed, her business came crashing down, and she lost all her properties. She struggled with life itself, and for one year, she was homeless. By a divine stroke of luck, she sought help, and not long after, she started to gain a firm footing again. Takisha got a job as a program specialist, which led her to work with people struggling with alcohol and drug problems. This was the defining moment for her, and she started working her way back to entrepreneurship.

Her first venture was Good Faith Tax Service, which she closed down earlier this year to focus on Capital Postal & Mailbox Service. Takisha is the first black woman to own a franchise shipping and mailbox service company. Some of the services that the company renders include auto registration, notary services, mailbox rentals, shipping and packaging, mail drop-off and pickup, courier service, live scan, document scanning, and lamination, etc. Capital Postal & Mailbox Service has partnered with the biggest courier companies globally, such as USPS, FedEx, and DHL, to help deliver excellent services to its customers.

Scaling the company into one of the biggest courier service companies in the United States and the world is Takisha’s biggest goal. She has also implemented unique customer service care culture and efficient work ethic to ensure the company’s service delivery never falls short of its clients’ expectations. Despite the raging pandemic, Capital Postal & Mailbox Service has kept pushing the limits to accommodate the needs of its customers and deliver the best service.

Takisha Clark hopes to witness her company going from a mom-and-pop shop into a Fortune 500 company standing toe-to-toe with other big brands in the world. Takisha only needs a few years to achieve her dreams, and with hard work, she is sure they’ll happen.

Learn more about the Capital Postal & Mailbox Service on its official website.


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