Can’t sleep? Meet ZIPPZ, the New Silicon Valley CBD-based Company That Wants to Make All Your 2022 Dreams Come True! 

It’s not easy these days – Covid fears, work-from-home woes, and general uncertainty can all be contributing to our sleeplessness, which the CDC has recognized as a “public health epidemic.” But experts agree that an interplay of multiple factors is wreaking havoc on our sleep, making it challenging to find a general solution.  

ZIPPZ is one innovative CBD-based brand determined to deliver missing ZZZ’s to the masses. And with more than 80% of their users claiming to have achieved sleep success, ZIPPZ may be more than just pillow talk.

Sleep Solutions Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

We’ve all heard that sleep is one of the most important parts of our overall health, giving us the energy we need to face another day. However, millions of us are in a collective state of tossing and turning, unable to fall or stay asleep each night, despite the vast amount of sleep remedies on the market. Because many of our modern sleep issues are rooted in multiple, interconnected biological systems, standard treatments often fall short.

One approach used by leading scientists helping to break this sleepless cycle is “Network Pharmacology” – the practice of applying treatments that address multiple issues simultaneously, rather than focusing on a singular cause. ZIPPZ full-heartedly embraces this scientific approach in their sleep offerings, and as a result, they’ve recently soared in popularity.  ZIPPZ has testimonials from users swearing to have finally found sleep relief by using ZIPPZ’s compounded CBD-based botanical remedies.  

ZIPPZ dedicated two years into building out and testing their patent-pending line of softgel sleep formulas with multiple consumer and expert panels before they went to market.  Believing that one-size does not fit all, they crafted each ZIPPZ formula to address each customer’s unique symptoms, age, gender and lifestyle. 

A Powerful Symphony of Cannabis-based Compounds and Proven Botanicals

ZIPPZ’s formulas all start with non-intoxicating, hemp-based CBD as the core ingredient,  heralded for offering a broad range of benefits by targeting 65 different receptors in our bodies. In addition to CBD, some ZIPPZ formulas contain the lesser-known and more rare cannabis-based molecules CBG (for mood support) and CBN (for deep relaxation and pain relief).  

But that’s not where ZIPPZ stops. In addition to the varying combinations of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, all ZIPPZ softgel formulas contain an additional 5-7 other botanicals that were chosen to synergistically work together to enhance their collective benefits. In other words, ZIPPZ is proving that cannabis properties accomplish more when they have back-up support.

Scott Eagle, the dynamic founder of ZIPPZ who has previously worked with a variety of pharmaceutical companies, understands firsthand how difficult it is to try to solve sleep issues with conventional treatments. When none of the remedies he tried met his unique needs, Eagle set out to develop his own personalized sleep therapy.

Eagle compares cannabis-based therapies to a grand piano, which, as a standalone instrument, can make beautiful music. But when combined to work in concert with other potent botanicals, such as lavender, magnolia, passionflower and bugleweed, believes that’s when the real magic happens. He asks us to imagine the simple sound of a single grand piano versus the complex, harmonious and robust sound of a full symphony.

Finding the Right Formula for Every Individual

Labels and lingo are often confusing in this new “CBD universe,” and a common complaint of canna-curious sleep-seekers is not knowing where to begin with what to take and how to take it. ZIPPZ works to solve this confusion head-on by having users take a personalized 3 minute evaluation on the ZIPPZ website. Based on the information consumers provide about their sleep problems and other background information, ZIPPZ will recommend the most likely formulas to provide relief.  Consumers are then able to purchase a Trial Pack, containing 2-4 different sample bottles based on their specific needs. Once consumers find the formula that works best for them, they can then order the full-size bottle containing 60 softgels.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get some solid shut eye in 2022, head to to take their 3-minute assessment for a personalized recommendation – and hopefully you’ll be saying goodnight to all those annoying, smirking sheep once and for all!

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