Amcon Consultants Inc is a top-leading Electrical, Mechanical, and plumbing company. It is located in Sunnyvale, CA, and offers certified electrical, mechanical, and plumbing design services. Amcon prides itself on creating reliable, operation level, and custom build-outs for commercial, industrial buildings. Since its inception 35 years ago, the company has successfully offered world-class engineering consultancy service in Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing to thousands of clients.

In recent years, Amcon has transformed into a more robust company than ever before under the leadership of Sean Pandya. Sean joined the company as an intern in 2017 and has risen through the ranks to become the CEO of Amcon. He is in charge of overseeing the company operation, helping it scale up to high heights. He has implemented various policies, including ditching the traditional ways of doing business while introducing modern methods. His decision was informed by the desire to move the Amcon into the future. Sean has a strong positive mindset that has fueled success.

As a versatile entrepreneur, Sean has always been seeking to diversify Amcons business, and he decided to bring world-class engineering expertise to the cannabis industry. He saw an opportunity to dive into the cannabis market in 2018 when the government legalized it. His main objective is to help legal growers set up all necessary facilities to grow cannabis cost-effectively primarily for medical purposes. Cannabis is highly stigmatized in society, and his family and friends did not initially welcome his strategy. No one saw the viability of the project considering society’s negative perception of cannabis and the restrictive laws in place at the time.

Sean’s determination and mindset to keep moving despite the negative impressions from others saw him push further and pursue the opportunity. He forged ahead and established a department devoted to engineering and building designs for large-scale cannabis farming projects. This was a significant step in his career as it touched on Amcon’s future. He devoted a great deal of his attention and guided the team.  As a result, they have created many successful cannabis dispensaries and buildings. The project is proving to be a success with the widespread adoption of cannabis for medical purposes. Amcon’s big win so far came when from the Edison Award winning hybrid greenhouse for cannabis where his team did the Mechanical engineering design for the project.

According to Sean, his grit separates him from the average joe and keeps him moving. He has an eternal desire to strive for more and move forward every day. This passion has seen him continually innovate and push for Amcon’s growth even after achieving tremendous success.

More importantly, is that he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to drop their fear and focus on the viability of an opportunity. Sean adds that you should never be satisfied with your current achievements if you endeavor to keep on scaling. Essentially, you should keep on preparing yourself for bigger goals.

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