Cannabidiol Straight From Kentucky — A Real Tested CBD Spotlight Review Of Evercure CBD

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Kentucky may not be the first state that comes to mind when thinking about the hemp industry. Unlike Colorado, Oregon, and California, Kentucky doesn’t have a strong reputation in the weed legalization movement. Although Kentucky still doesn’t allow recreational marijuana, many local tobacco farmers have begun adding legal hemp flowers to their crops. Also, CBD-rich products have become a big business in the Bluegrass State.

The relaxed laws surrounding CBD have created more opportunities for Kentucky hemp entrepreneurs. For instance, the company Evercure CBD promises to make high-quality CBD products made from Kentucky-grown hemp flowers. So, does Evercure CBD live up to its advertised claims? Real Tested CBD decided to test one of Evercure’s most popular products to find out.

How Does Evercure’s CBD Oil Rank On Real Tested CBD?

For our trial, Real Tested CBD ordered Evercure’s signature 600 mg CBD oil. According to the company, this full-spectrum CBD oil contains organic hemp extract from Kentucky farms.

Real Tested CBD’s lab tests suggest Evercure’s CBD oil lives up to its organic status with zero detectable pesticides and solvents. We also discovered Evercure’s CBD oil has slightly more CBD than the posted 600 mg content. Indeed, our lab technicians found 14 mg extra CBD in this container.

Although Evercure’s CBD oil doesn’t have the highest concentration of secondary cannabinoids, there were detectable traces of delta-9 THC and CBG. However, compared to many competing full-spectrum CBD oils, Evercure’s CBD oil didn’t have the best diversity of supporting hemp cannabinoids.

Overall, we gave Evercure’s 600 mg CBD oil a score of 83. While we were disappointed this hemp extract didn’t have tons of supporting cannabinoids, we believe it is a clean and solid CBD product. People who want a hint of the “entourage effect” in their hemp extract may most appreciate Evercure’s 600 mg CBD oil.

Please click this link to find Real Tested CBD’s full review of Evercure’s CBD oil.

Does Evercure CBD Offer Other Products?

Although Evercure is best known for its full-spectrum CBD oil, it has many other options for hemp fans. For instance, customers could now order a broad-spectrum CBD oil with zero traces of delta-9 THC. Evercure also has a line of flavored CBD oils for those who can’t stand hemp’s natural “grassy” flavors.

Besides CBD oils, Evercure now offers CBD topicals, soaps, and lip balms. People who’d prefer to get a sampling of Evercure’s hemp products could also research their “Bundle” options for potential discounts.

Is Evercure CBD A Reputable Hemp Brand?

Real Tested CBD believes Evercure CBD is a legitimate hemp brand. Although we have yet to lab-verify every item in Evercure’s portfolio, we were impressed with the results from the company’s 600 mg CBD oil.

We also appreciate Evercure CBD’s transparency on its website. You can easily find Certificates of Analysis posted on Evercure’s “Reports & Disclosure” page. The company is also easy to access via phone or email.

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Although Real Tested CBD has no issues with Evercure CBD, please remember this isn’t the only company in the hemp industry. Countless CBD brands are vying for consumers’ attention in the North American market. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on Evercure CBD, you should look at Real Tested CBD’s unbiased reviews. On our site, you’ll find dozens of articles comparing the most talked-about names in the North American hemp industry.

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