Cancun Cards was founded in 2004 with the vision of providing unmatched vacation experiences that seamlessly blend with the different cultures, history, and tranquil hospitality of the Mexican Caribbean. Over the years, Cancun Cards has helped many realize their vacation dreams and travel to the best vacation destinations. The company is harnessing the power of paradise.

The low interest to utilize vacation days by American workers has been a significant challenge for organizations. Numerous reports indicate that a large number of the US workforce do not make use of their vacation days. A recent study by the Travel Association, Oxford highlighted that 768 million vacation days were lost last year, indicating that Americans don’t use their vacation days. However, the numbers compared to previous years show a surge in the number of vacation trips but this number is still very low. Surprisingly, 236 million days of the total lost days were entirely forfeited with workers showing no interest or intent to make use of them. This resulted in a $65.5 billion loss in benefits that would have significantly improved the lives of employees. Cancun Cards helps are looking for their employees to take a holiday by providing employees with a vacation package that takes care of all the planning and other hassles.

Around 55% of the Americans who took days off work also failed to utilize all their time off with reports indicating the average worker took only 17.4 days off in a year. Though a slight improvement from the previous years, this number should still improve to reach the average mark of 20.3 vacation days per worker between 1978-2000.

These figures are contrary to the research findings that a huge percent of the population, over 80 percent, preferred to use their time off to travel. The reality is that it was only a preference and many do not actually take the trips. If more days off were used for travel and an additional 9 days were used on top of the average 17.4 vacation days spent on travel, the travel economy would have had an additional revenue of $151.5 billion. The addition of such a massive capital in expenditure would have been a big boost for the economy and resulted in the creation of two million jobs.

Among the reasons cited for low interest in taking a vacation included getting away from work and air travel challenges. Some employees fear that they may lose their job if they are away for long. It is a common fear among employees, but you should discourage such thoughts as an employer. Air travel also has its own set of challenges and some workers have the genuine fear of getting embarrassed or stranded while on vacation. Cancun Cards helps by providing safe and well-coordinated experiences to make sure you are never stranded.

Cost is also a significant factor that has contributed to the low number of vacations. The tourism industry is full of intermediaries who have made things harder for tourists. Lack of proper planning is another setback that results in the underutilization of vacation days. Study reports show that people who plan their vacations early spend less time traveling and more time on other things in life. You should plan and stick to your schedules unless a major challenge arises to necessitate changes.

The U.S. Travel Association encourages Americans to plan for their vacations and time off at the beginning of every year. This is an excellent way to ensure that the millions lost in forfeited holidays are salvaged and brought back into the economy. Cancun Cards are a perfect way to make your vacations hassle-free and truly fulfilling.

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