Canadian Pop Singer Adil C Releases Hit Single “I Promise” ft. Trinity Rose

Adil C is a Canadian Pop Singer from Toronto, ON Canada who was born on April 7th 1997 in Montréal, Quebec. However, Adil has confirmed that he only knows a limited number of French words. But that’s alright. The singer grew up in Mississauga, ON and was first introduced to the world of music at a guitar shop that was nearby his parent’s clothing store when he was just 8 years old. That is when he picked up his first guitar.

Adil C & Trinity Rose released their collab song ‘I Promise’ on February 22nd, 2022. The song has hit over 100k on Spotify, 350k views on YouTube, and over millions of listens on TikTok since it’s been out. Fans have been creating TikToks to the song, drawing fan art, and singing along to ‘I Promise’ on repeat.

The song is also partnered with ‘Pencils of Promise’ which is a for-purpose charity that believes in providing education in developing countries for those in need of it. Adil C has a strong and consistent relationship with Pencils of Promise for promoting them in a lot of his releases such as INTHEMOOD, We’re In Paradise, and now I Promise. The song promotes Pencils of Promise’s latest event & short film ‘I Promise You’.

Adil C has been recognized by global stars on several occasions. Virality has struck Adil C by celebrities taking note of his art such as Addison Rae, Huddy, Monty Lopez, Sheri Nicole, Marc Damelio, Scooter Braun, Nick Uhas, Stefan Benz, Tiagz, and many more.

The Canadian singer has huge plans, and his fans are deeply in love with him. Just on April 7th 2022 he turned 25-years-old and threw a massive VIP Red Carpet event at Fountain LA in Hollywood. The guest list maxed out, security guards were turning cars and fans away, and the cops even showed up after it just got way out of hand. Thankfully no one was hurt and it was to keep the crowd calm.

As he roams through Hollywood getting paparazzi’d by photographers and Getty Images, we wonder what he may be recording in Los Angeles next.

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