Can You Use CBD to Treat Arthritis in Dogs?

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Traditional treatment for dogs with arthritis includes NSAIDs that are often used for controlling the pain and inflammation associated with this condition. However, a lot of dog owners are concerned about the effects of these drugs when used for a long time. The use of NSAIDs for dogs, especially for older ones, can increase the risk of liver diseases and kidney failure. Therefore, many dog owners are worried about giving NSAIDs and other drugs for treating arthritis in their pets.

A lot of pet owners are now considering cannabidiol (CBD) for controlling various arthritis symptoms in their pets including dogs. CBD can create a lot of positive impacts on humans and animals. The effects of this compound are extensively studied in both humans and animals.

CBD is found to be greatly useful for controlling a wide range of symptoms associated with arthritis. This natural compound can aid to alleviate arthritis symptoms without creating the severe side effects created by other arthritis drugs.

CBD For Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis can affect your dog’s normal life in different ways. The severe pain and inflammation resulting from this condition can affect the mobility of your pets. Additionally, the intense symptoms resulting from it can adversely affect the mental and physical health of your dogs. Dogs suffering from arthritis are found to have anxiety and other mental health problems.

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CBD can control a lot of common symptoms resulting from arthritis. Some of the problems that CBD can help to control in dogs suffering from arthritis are:

Pain: Arthritis can create severe pain that can be difficult for your dogs to bear. Giving pain medications for a long time might not be a safe option because of the adverse effects resulting from them.

But CBD is a safe alternative for pain medications, as it is free of the health issues resulting from such medications. Hence, you can give this compound to your pets to effectively control the pain resulting from arthritis.

Inflammation: The joints affected by arthritis can be inflamed, which can affect their mobility. But giving CBD for dogs can help to control inflammation and swelling thereby improving the mobility of joints.

CBD can also alleviate the anxiety and other issues that are experienced by dogs suffering from arthritis. Additionally, this compound is free of various health issues that can result from other arthritis medications. Hence, it can be given to your dogs on a long-term basis. So CBD is becoming a great aid for dogs suffering from arthritis.

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