Can Delta-8 Make You Faint? —Safety Info New Delta-8 Users Should Know

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You may have heard “delta-8 THC” described as the “less psychoactive” version of delta-9 THC. While it’s common for customers to claim delta-8 isn’t as intense as delta-9, that doesn’t mean it has zero side effects. In some instances, customers may experience severe adverse reactions to delta-8 products — including fainting.

Although delta-8 THC has therapeutic potential, consumers must understand the risks of trying this psychoactive hemp cannabinoid. It’s also essential to evaluate your health condition before deciding whether it’s a good idea to research delta-8 brands.

Can Delta-8 THC Cause Users To Lose Consciousness?

Since delta-8 THC entered the hemp market recently, there aren’t tons of clinical trials evaluating this cannabinoid. However, even with this lack of data, it’s safe to say delta-8 could provoke side effects like fainting and a loss of consciousness.

The FDA says a “loss of consciousness” was a reported symptom in the roughly 100 American patients who visited the ER after taking delta-8. A few Reddit threads suggest some delta-8 patients feel dizzy or confused after taking this supplement.

While these findings are concerning, they have yet to prove a definitive correlation between delta-8 THC and fainting. For instance, many people who experience this symptom may have used a non-lab-tested delta-8 product with potentially toxic compounds. There are also questions surrounding the dosage these patients were taking before they experienced fainting.

It’s worth mentioning that delta-8 can interact with prescription medications, so combining these compounds could provoke more serious adverse reactions. Delta-8 THC also appears to increase a person’s heart rate, which could be bad news for those struggling with blood pressure issues. Many people who take delta-8 THC often report feeling lightheaded if they get up from their couch too quickly.

People who have pre-existing conditions or who take prescription medications should never take delta-8 without a doctor’s approval.

Is There A Way To Prevent Fainting After Taking Delta-8 THC?

First, if patients have a history of fainting, dizziness, or lightheadedness, it’s best to avoid delta-8 for the time being. Also, people with pre-existing conditions or who are taking prescription medications should avoid delta-8 until we have more clinical data on this supplement.

For healthy adults who feel comfortable trying delta-8, it’s imperative to start with the lowest recommended dose. Delta-8 may not hit as hard as delta-8 THC, but it provokes psychoactive reactions. People with a low THC tolerance could easily experience adverse reactions even at “moderate” doses.

It’s also crucial for customers to evaluate the quality of their delta-8 THC products beforehand. Delta-8 extracts that don’t come with third-party lab results could have high levels of heavy metals, pesticides, or insecticides. There’s no way to tell whether your delta-8 tincture is safe if it doesn’t come with one of these Certificates of Analysis.

As for fainting-related symptoms, customers must recognize that delta-8 THC tends to alter blood pressure. If people experience symptoms like rapid heart rate or body-heavy relaxation, they must be extra cautious about changing position too fast.

Ideally, new customers should be in a secure environment with nothing on their schedule when they try delta-8. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you could enlist the help of trusted friends and family the first time you take a delta-8 gummy, tincture, or vape cart.

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There’s no way to ignore the popularity of delta-8 THC in today’s hemp market. Although many people report great success responsibly taking this cannabinoid, Real Tested CBD encourages new customers to be cautious around delta-8 extracts. Mishandling delta-8 products — or purchasing subpar items — could result in severe side effects like fainting or dizzy spells.

If you still have concerns about trying delta-8 THC, Real Tested CBD encourages you to visit our Delta-8 Resource Center. On this comprehensive delta-8 portal, you’ll learn all about this cannabinoid’s effects, legality, and the most reputable delta-8 brands in today’s business.

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