Can CBD Help With Treating Lupus?

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Lupus is a condition that is difficult to treat, as it results from the hyperactivity of the immune system. People suffering from this condition can have a malfunctioning immune system that attacks the body’s own healthy tissues instead of the foreign invaders. Lupus is a chronic, persistent condition that can severely impact your life.

People look for natural remedies to treat lupus, as it is a long-term disorder. CBD is found to be a great natural aid for people to get relief from different lupus symptoms because of the wide array of pharmaceutical effects it can create. Therefore, we list some of the advantages of CBD for lupus patients:

What To Know About Lupus

Lupus develops when the immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks the body’s own tissues and organs. This condition can cause body-wide inflammation and might affect some important systems and organs including blood cells, joints, heart, kidneys, lungs, and brain.

Lupus can cause inflammation, pain, and a wide range of other issues throughout your body. Some of the common symptoms associated with this condition are:

  • Fever
  • Pain in the chest
  • Pain in the joints
  • Aches in the body
  • Fatigue
  • Skin lesions
  • Rashes on the skin
  • A butterfly rash on the face
  • Dry eyes
  • Loss of memory
  • Headaches and confusion
  • Shortness of breath

Lupus can also lead to some severe health issues like nephritis, blood in the urine, high blood pressure, etc.

The exact causes that can trigger the hyperactivity of the immune system are unknown. But a combination of several factors like genetics, some infections, environmental factors (like smoking, stress, exposure to toxins), long-term use of certain medications, abnormal hormonal levels, etc. can lead to the development of this condition. Additionally, exposure to UV rays can worsen the symptoms of people suffering from this ailment.

Corticosteroids, immunosuppressant drugs, antimalarial drugs, etc. are usually prescribed by doctors to treat the symptoms of lupus. But CBD can be a wonderful natural remedy that can be beneficial for you to alleviate several health issues resulting from this condition.

CBD For Lupus

You can get relief from different symptoms caused by lupus naturally with the aid of CBD. It relieves the pain and inflammation resulting from lupus effectively. Additionally, you can also use CBD for skin problems like rashes and lesions caused by this autoimmune disorder.

CBD can also act as an immunosuppressant that helps to control the hyperactive immune system thereby preventing your lupus symptoms from becoming worse. Hence, CBD can offer several benefits for people suffering from autoimmune disorders like lupus in a natural way.

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