Call of Duty Warzone Gamers Convinced of Rampant VPN Use

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale video games out there. It is free and you can play it on Xbox and Playstation. 

Since its launch in 2020, gamers from all over the world have played this competitive game hoping to increase their rankings. But some gamers feel popular Warzone streamers may be “gaming” the system using VPNs. 

Let’s have a look at how we got to this place and what it means. 

Competitive Call of Duty may be bringing out the worst in gamers, according to a Tweet by OpTic Hitch, a popular gamer twitter account. His Tweet suggest that popular streamers may be leveraging VPN services to gain access to easier lobbies. By doing so, these gamers can locate gamers with lackluster K/D ratings and dominate them. 

You see where this is going.

Call of Duty Warzone already has its share of controversy regarding streamer bias. Accusations that some streamers were whitelisted so they’d get easier lobbies run rampant. So this latest VPN Warzone drama won’t help Call of Duty’s trust factor. 

How Does a VPN Help Call of Duty Warzone Streamers?

To begin, let’s explore how a VPN works. A VPN allows you the ability to set your location to almost anywhere in the world. 

Using a real-world example – HotBot VPN is one of the best VPNs you’ll find. It allows you to download an app and then set your location to one of 30+ countries in the world. Fancy, huh?

I like to point out that you need a top VPN for this. You can’t just download a free VPN that’s only browser enabled. HotBot is among the best VPNs.

Now, Call of Duty Warzone leverages a few factors when pairing up competitors. One is region and the other is server. If you pop on Warzone in the United States, you can imagine how dense the competition will be. But what if you pop on in a smaller country?

Using a VPN, you can do just that and you’ll find much less competition. A popular Warzone streamer can keep finding less viable competition by selecting less dense countries.

The OpTic Hitch Tweet’s comments suggest, but does not confirm, that a vast majority of popular streamers leverage a VPN to increase their brands. For popular streamers, more notoriety means more followers which amounts to more money. So the incentive to manipulate Warzone competition is certainly obvious. 

Using a VPN to Manipulate Warzone & Ethics

It may be unethical to leverage a VPN to help your Warzone play, but it may not be outright wrong. You gotta be you all day and all night and this means living with yourself. 

Further, VPN use is soaring. Many people use VPNs to protect their privacy, particularly when in coffee shops or grocery stores. Moreover, ISPs allegedly sell your web activity to corporations seeking to advertise their products or political persuasions to you.

You can learn more about what a VPN is here.

My point is, you should be using a VPN to protect your web activity and personal data. Whether or not you should use it to scam your Twitch following is a deeper, more introspective question. You’ll need to answer that one yourself. 

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