California Fires Burn in Giant Forest, Hiker Arrested for Arson

Several California fires are burning across forests Including the Sequoia National Forest in a state already struck by drought. Spreading over thousands of acres, the fires also pose a threat to homes vulnerable to flying embers.

California Wildfire Raging Across Forests

There are currently several fires raging at once, including the Windy Fire, KNP Complex fire, and Fawn fire. None have been contained, although firefiighters are working to stope the spread.

The Windy fire is burning in the Sequoia National Forest and Tule River Indian Reservation and is still only 2% contained. The fire began during a lighting storm on September 9th, and has since covered more than 85,000 acres including the Sequoia National Monument. Not only are the large expanses of forest at risk, but the fire is also threatening more than 2,000 homes.

Another fire ravaging through the same forest, KNP Complex fire, has already reached the famous Giant Forest. This area contains massive sequoias towering over the preserve. Similarly, this fire also began with lightning strikes on September 9th and has burned through roughly 46,000 acres and is currently 8% contained.

In the north, the Fawn fire burns in Shasta county and has covered 8,500 acres, leading the state’s governor to declare a state of emergency. Notably, Governor Gavin Newsom also requested federal assistance to help contain the blaze.

Less wind and higher humidity helped create conditions necessary to fight the Fawn fire efficiently. On Sunday evening, a California Fire Department deputy announced that the flames are 50% contained and the spread has stopped. Still a threat, however, are the warm Santa Ana winds expected during the next week. The moisture also won’t do much since California is currently experiencing a drought leaving many hillsides vulnerable.

Hiker May be Responsible for Wildfires

Last Wednesday, residents in Shasta County contacted authorities with complaints about a woman acting “irrationally”. This according to a criminal complaint filed which also stated the woman was trying to boil water to drink. Alexandra Souverneva, 30, reportedly emerged from the brush towards firefighters saying she was dehydrated and in need of medical attention.

According to Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie A. Birdgett, the woman had a lighter in her pocket. The DA also said that a preliminary investigation cited arson as the cause of the fire. Apparently Souverneva was hiking to Canada when she found a puddle of water. She was thirsty but noted that the puddle had bear urine in it, so she tried to filter it using a teabag.

“She said that didn’t work so she attempted to make a fire to boil the water. She stated it was too wet for the fire to start. She said she drank the water anyway and then continued walking uphill from the creek bed,” the complaint stated.

The District Attorney also noted that the suspect may be linked to several California fires raging in the county. If convicted Souverneva could receive a maximum of nine years in state prison. Bridgett also warned civilians to stay cautious due to the conditions which favor rapid wildfire spread.

Fire Damage Claim Tips

A California wildfire is also a threat to homeowners who risk getting caught in the blaze. When it comes to claims after a fire incident, it’s important to know the value of your home and everything in it. An insurance adjuster will assess the damages, but keeping a list of valuable possessions lost in the fire may speed up the process. Knowing these small details are important and only a few of some basic fire damage claim tips that could speed up the process to replace what’s lost.

Keeping track of living expenses is also necessary since insurers usually provide “loss of use”. This means that the insurance company will reimburse the amount equivalent to what living expenses were before the incident. By knowing how much is necessary for normal functioning, meals, transportation, etc. the time spent without a proper home may be much easier.

Still, California homes insurance plans may or may not cover those who lose it all. Those who may be at risk of home damage or loss due to a fire should consult with an insurer. The recent natural events causing current fires, as well as arson, show that there are risks lurking around every corner.

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