CBDistillery has partnered with Conscious Alliance and Grammy-nominated blues singer Beth Hart to introduce a charitable program. 

When you shop on www.thecbdistillery.com and use the code “CBDTHATFEEDS” during checkout, $1 of proceeds will be converted into 2 meals for families in need with the crucial involvement of Conscious Alliance. CBDistillery™ will then take it a step further to match every gift along with Beth up to 20,000 meals.

L.A. Weekly spoke with both CBDistillery™ and Conscious Alliance to learn more about this timely philanthropic effort.

Can you tell me more about your mission? 

Conscious Alliance: Founded in 2002, Conscious Alliance is a national nonprofit based in Boulder, Colorado that brings healthy food into underserved communities, feeding kids and families who need it most. Their work empowers young people to get involved by mixing passion for music with opportunities to make a positive impact.

Through ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives at concerts, and large-scale donations from food brands, Conscious Alliance brings healthy food to communities across the U.S., with an emphasis on remote and rural areas, including Native American reservations.   What began as a grassroots food drive at a local show has grown into a national movement — providing more than 6 million meals, to date.


Tell us more about your affiliate program: 

CBDistillery: Our affiliate program is a further extension of our organizations mission to provide the masses access to hemp-derived CBD products, widespread education, industry news and verified consumer testimonials. We use our affiliate program to align with similar trusted, quality, and transparent content creators who spread this mission while creating revenue generating opportunities in the process. These meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships have proven effective in reaching new audiences and bringing in revenue for both parties. Anyone is free to apply to our program, and if you have interest we encourage you to learn more at our site.


Who do you help?

Conscious Alliance: Through 18 years of working with musicians, festivals and promoters to host ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives at their events, Conscious Alliance has established a network of food banks, community centers and schools to distribute food through, reaching people in need all across the country.

With large-scale donations from food brands, Conscious Alliance is able to identify communities in crisis and move food to where it’s needed most. Since Covid-19, Conscious Alliance has distributed semi-trucks of food to inner-city communities like Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Atlanta and Portland.

Conscious Alliance also works with Native American Reservations in remote areas with limited access to food. They regularly distribute food, snacks and supplies to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota where they have a longstanding relationship with the Oglala Lakota tribe and own a food pantry which serves 50 families a week. Additionally, since Covid-19, Conscious Alliance has been able to send 2 semi-trucks (approx. 60K meals) to Navajo Nation.

Based in Boulder, CO, Conscious Alliance works with local schools, food banks, community organizations, pop-up meal centers and emergency meal programs to serve low-income families on the Colorado Front Range. 

The music industry has supported Conscious Alliance’s mission to feed people since the organization’s inception in 2002. With the postponement of live music, leaving many people out of work, Conscious Alliance has been feeding stagehands, production workers, event staff and industry professionals through their partnership with local restaurants and World Central Kitchen. They facilitate getting restaurant-prepared “take and bake” meals and bags of groceries to those in need through deliveries, drive-up meal programs and industry-wide events like the RedAlert #WeMakeEvents campaign.


Why did you pursue a partnership with Beth Hart and Conscious Alliance, specifically?

CBDistillery™: The Beth and Conscious Alliance just happened naturally. Beth came to us with her positive experiences and outcomes with our product and a desire to collaborate on a philanthropic level. Since we knew Conscious Alliance was at the intersection of music and high impact work, we saw a perfect fit for everyone. By leveraging CBDistillery™ product sales, we are able to use the proceeds to feed hungry people in America.


How will this partnership between your alliance, Beth, and CBDistillery improve the lives of others? 

Conscious Alliance: For every dollar donated to Conscious Alliance, they are able to provide 2 meals to someone who may not know where their next meal is coming from. Donations made through the partnership with Beth and CBDistillery™ allow their team to reach even more families.

Just as a power station requires gas or coal to generate energy, humans also need fuel – in the form of food – to power our continued existence. This partnership supports the belief and mission that everyone deserves a meal.


CBDistillery has agreed to match every gift along with Beth up to 20,000 meals. What drew you to this cause? 

CBDistillery™: As a company founded in Colorado, we believe in not only giving back locally, but as whole to anyone in need. With our local neighbors Conscious Alliance already bringing healthy food into underserved communities, and feeding kids and families who need it most, it seemed like a no brainer to team up with them to help the cause. We were beyond impressed with their ability to have provided more than 6 million meals to date and it encouraged us to become involved. Furthermore, when we learned that due to the coronavirus pandemic the need in our country is 4x greater than ever before, we realized that we had an obligation to help and contribute as much as we feasibly can.


How is CBDistillery committed to serving communities in need?

CBDistillery™: Our company was founded with the strong belief that people have a right to high-quality, fairly priced, hemp-derived CBD products. This value extends well beyond just CBD as we see a need to help all of those in need. By continuing to expand our philanthropic efforts with amazing organizations such as Conscious Alliance, we are hoping to make a true difference. To us, it’s all about making a meaningful impact in someone’s life.


How can one get involved? 

CBDistillery™: You can help to feed hungry people by using the code CBDTHATFEEDS during checkout. You’ll get 15% off your purchase AND every $1 of proceeds is converted into two distributed meals with Conscious Alliance. 


Conscious Alliance: Conscious Alliance is located in Boulder, CO. If you are interested in volunteering locally, you can reach out to them at Volunteer@ConsciousAlliance.org. 

If you are a food brand looking to make a large-scale donation, they’d love to hear from you! Contact their Executive Director, Justin Levy (JL@ConsciousAlliance.org) to learn how they have the resources to get your unused product into the hands of families in need anywhere in the U.S.

A donation to Conscious Alliance helps move food from where it is to where it needs to be by funding trucking, fuel, warehouse space, equipment and staffing to re-package and distribute food. Reliable donations are the best way to ensure kids get food every month, so Conscious Alliance’s Membership Program is a great way to get involved and support the organization.

If you’re a poster lover, check out their ‘Art That Feeds’ poster gallery where you can make a tax-deductible donation to receive a concert or festival poster from a past event.


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