Building a $70M Capital Firm: How Andrew Viera Is Changing the Industry

The financial industry is one of the most important sectors of the global economy. It’s an impactful and dynamic industry with many technologies reshaping the space.

Financial expert and conscious venture capitalist Andrew Viera is one individual carefully examining the industry and helping others achieve their financial goals.

Andrew shares a profound understanding of venture capital on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Venture capital firms (or funds) provide private equity financing to startups, early stage, and emerging companies deemed to have high growth potential or have already shown high growth.

Andrew’s entrepreneurial journey began when he dropped out of college at 19 to invent new products.

His initial ventures failed, but he persisted. He opened a marketing agency offering free marketing to local companies. He started charging for his services, and in just 5 months, he worked with over 3,000 clients.

Andrew doubled down on this opportunity – he and his partner transformed this marketing business into the capital firm Viera Walia Capital. VMC has since become a leading technology and financial services firm, changing how investors engage with financial assets.

As of April 2022, the business has recorded a 27.5% average monthly growth, becoming a $70M firm.

Andrew has increased this evaluation by leveraging new-age wisdom and powerful market analytics. With these, Andrew and his team help clients access the unrealized potential of new and traditional asset classes.

This new-age wisdom can be seen in Andrew’s viral Twitter thread. Using his experience from being broke to building a successful $70M capital firm in two years, the thread explains how to avoid the 4 biggest mistakes 90% of people make when building their wealth. His entrepreneurial experience is something aspiring business owners can learn from.

To anyone seeking to start their journey to financial freedom, Andrew’s thread highlights these 4 mistakes:

1) Not making yourself bankable

2) Putting your ego before cash flow

3) Living paycheck to paycheck

4) Spending too much on a house

Being bankable and having good credit is far more important than being cash-rich. With this leverage, you can borrow from banks and private capital firms to invest in stable asset classes and thus create passive income streams.

Remember, a great credit score equals great borrowing and great payment history. Think like an architect, not a construction worker.

“You are there to create a framework for execution, not perform the execution yourself,” says Andrew. Don’t splurge on fancy things like fast cars, designer clothing, and fancy watches too early in your journey or you’ll stay broke trying to look rich.

Learn high-income skills or cut back on your spending while you’re building a business. When buying a house, be aware of the amount of interest you’ll be paying over the lifetime of that loan. “That’s money that could work for you in investments instead of eating away your capital,” explains Andrew.

Andrew frequently shares tips for aspiring business owners on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. These tips include how to find a skill and hone it, spot a rising trend using this skill, and ride the wave by standing out while growing an income and building a team.

While learning from experts in your field, grow your income by diversifying your investments. Once your core business has become sellable or formed part of your portfolio, reassess where you stand, lower your risk capital, and then give to community or cause that inspires you.

How can Viera Walia Capital help?

The Viera Walia Capital team develops investment solutions using deep market analysis. Combining a blend of practical financial experience with unseen industry insights helps investors realize the full potential of new asset classes.

“Our team of industry-leading professionals in technology, security, and asset management develops bold, reliable solutions to the problems facing investors today. We blend real-world institutional experience with market insight and analysis to help investors minimize risks, maximize returns, and get the most out of breakthrough asset classes,” Andrew explains.

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